Desert Island Discoveries Vol. 1
In this new weekly feature, Ondine Moreau invites prominent members of the wizarding world (and her classmates) to envision themselves stranded on a desert island, no broom or wand in sight. What song, book, and item would they want to have with them? Find out here!

- From : Soleil Winters

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Victoria Valentine

Victoria Valentine Like a single song, I mean. I have tons stuck in my head that cycle around if there even is any thoughts. A device that plays only one song would technically only be the device that plays that one song.

Victoria Valentine

Victoria Valentine My only question is how does one have a song with them?

Noor Nuwanthika

Noor Nuwanthika Victim? I'll say! This sounds horrendous...

Keithen Riggs

Keithen Riggs Aww, Dad! If you’re ever trapped on a desert island, I’ll make sure to write the most entertaining articles about your disappearance.

Althaea Arkwright

Althaea Arkwright I thought Sol would've brought his collection of spoons D: i love this new blog, I'm really curious to see what other people would prefer to have with them!

Maverick Solemacher

Maverick Solemacher Oh what a fun new blog o: interesting choices, Soleil!

Valerius King

Valerius King imagine rescuing someone stranded on a desert island and their hair is better than yours

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