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If your 11th birthday brought no owl-delivered letter, fear not! The doors of World of Potter are wide open, inviting you to explore the magical halls of the castle and live your life as a witch or wizard!

Here from World of Potter UK? Your character awaits! Simply add +uk before the @ symbol in your email when you log in to explore your new home!

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Unique Friendships

On World of Potter, there's a shared interest that unites us all: Magic! As you embark on your journey here, you'll have the chance to meet fellow students who share your love of the wizarding world. It's a place where new friendships are waiting to be forged, and perhaps you'll meet your new best friend during the Sorting Ceremony!

Active Chat

Enjoy yourself in the chat and let your imagination run wild. Share tales of your magical adventures and discover what your fellow wizards and witches have been up to today. Is there any curious gossip circulating in the wizarding world that you've heard?


Bring your character to life! Whether you're unwinding in the Great Hall, embarking on a romantic date at the Charmed Cask Inn, or visiting the Ministry, the possibilities in our topics are (almost) only limited by your imagination!

Achievements & Levels

Earn unique achievements and show them off to your friends! Gain experience, advance through levels, and unveil exciting new features on World of Potter as you progress. Your level is a reflection of your magical prowess – the higher you climb, the more adept a witch or wizard you become!


Go shopping in the Alley or the Village! Are you hungry? Grab something to eat from Will-o'-the-Wisp Café! Looking to cause some mischief? Why not prank your friends with a round of Nosebleed Nougats from Prankster's Paradise?


Explore the lives of fascinating magical creatures inhabiting the castle grounds in Care of Magical Creatures, and try not to let the heat get to you in Potions class! With a wide array of more than 10 unique classes available, with more unlocking as you progress, there's a whole world of knowledge to be discovered right here on-site!


If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at: wox@eye4web.dk