Why So Sirius? | Crystal White
In Why So Sirius, I, Laura Faye, interview someone – the person behind a character – and ask them a set of questions, obviously. Not normal, everyday kinds of questions, but fun ones. For instance: what isn’t an Olympic sport but should be? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done that you’d otherwise never admit to? What country would you want to be the president of? Tune in to see who I’m interviewing in this edition of Why So Sirius and to find out more about them!

- From : Soleil Winters

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Stella Ashton

Stella Ashton First time reading this, really fun questions and answers! :D

Mortimer Adegoke

Mortimer Adegoke now im curious about that cinnamon crispbread ;-;

Hythlos Honeywood

Hythlos Honeywood Ooh what a great interview :D really fun questions, and I love the thought behind each answer - so much detail, I felt like I really got to know you!

Shirong Shin

Shirong Shin I'd so not survive genshin I just know with my experience see you in liyue! It was real fun to read amazing interview :DD

Manon Scott

Manon Scott Amazing interview, Laura! Amazing answers, Crystal!

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