Our Favourite Harry Potter Book?
The Harry Potter books have brought so many of us together, have made this site possible. We wanted to give the books some love, by asking people to discuss their favourite books in this magical series!

- From : Aurora Everston

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Belladonna Bellchant

Belladonna Bellchant I love all of them but particularly the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Deathly Hallows.

Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson Prisoner of Askaban. It`s so touching and I love Sirius Black! He is one of my favourite charakters. But of course I still love them all <3

Victoria Convallaria

Victoria Convallaria I can't pick just one!? It's like asking a mother who her favourite child is. You just can't xD <3

Tricky Crestwell

Tricky Crestwell The first one! Philosopher's Stone was just so full of love and hope and the joy of magic, to me it's also the most complete meal, it can stand on its own while all the other books depend on being a part of a series.

Skyler Goldfinch

Skyler Goldfinch Love the Order of The Pheonix! But I can't say which is my favourite <3

Jenneva Flame

Jenneva Flame *could never choose just one * xD

Rosina Kerrington

Rosina Kerrington It was so hard to chose just one for this - and I loved seeing everyone else's reasoning! A great blog <3

Nicole Morales

Nicole Morales Love Order of the Phoenix! And not because it's my middle name! :P

Russell Griffin

Russell Griffin I Love them All, And a Amazing Blog <3

Storm Riverling

Storm Riverling Order of the Phoenix because it had so much going on

Pixel Faries

Pixel Faries It really depends on my mood

Laylah Monroe

Laylah Monroe Deathly Hallows was so awesome <3 great post

Ezeekeil Robinshaw

Ezeekeil Robinshaw Order of the Phoenix, cause it was big enough to kil... take up plenty of time. Also I read it again and again and just loved when Umbridge got dragged off

Thalia Gold

Thalia Gold POA <3 (only because I'm madly in love with lupin...shhhh)

Ariabelle Blackwolf

Ariabelle Blackwolf Half Blood Prince is my favourite by far!

Daisy Lovelace

Daisy Lovelace hmmm Goblet of fire I loved it

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