House Pride Week #2 Slytherin!
2nd day of House Pride...and what house it is!?

- From : Tjay Gillywood










Describe how it feels to be a Snake:
Hm, I don't know really. I suppose it feels like being any other house, it's the pride and love for the house you are in. Knowing that you have a home, a place where you can lay your heart and will always be supported.

Why you are proud to be in Slytherin:
It's pretty simple really. Slytherin is my house, and I will always be proud to be a part of it. Slytherin is the house for the ambitious and resourceful people - we are often seen as evil, but it's really nothing like that. We are just willing to go to greater lengths to achieve our goals, I guess. Slytherin is a place full of love and loyalty, you just have to get a little closer to see that side of us!

Everything you want to tell me about your House:
Uhhh there's too much! Slytherin is an incredible place, you know you will have friends for life as soon as you belong there, you know you will always be heard, understood and your opinions taken into account. It's a warm and caring place, I guess much like other houses, we just tend to cover it up with the ambitious approach towards life that we have - we care about others, but we care for ourselves most of all.




Atlas Cresswell
Teacher in Divination


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Luna Kennedy

Luna Kennedy We are cunning, amibitous and are the best bunch out there. We use all possible resources to reach our goals.

Marina Seronello

Marina Seronello we'll arrive and win the fight

Marina Seronello

Marina Seronello from top bottom left and right

Marina Seronello

Marina Seronello Keep an eye on mistery

Marina Seronello

Marina Seronello We are pure SLytherins

Felix Stone

Felix Stone Go slytherin

Marcus Warren

Marcus Warren I thought I'd be a Slytherin... Great house

Banned User

Banned User Well, Harry Malfoydeone... I am one- a Slytherin that is... and they are pretty awesome... SLYTHERIN ROCKS!

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne Atlas holds the world in his hand!

Elysia Grimm

Elysia Grimm SNAKES

Banned User

Banned User I wish I was in Slytherin...

Emilia Fawcett


Belle Johnson

Belle Johnson Snakes!!

Elmindreda Arkwright

Elmindreda Arkwright WOOO GO SNAKES :D

Jiya Sharma

Jiya Sharma #SlytherinPride!!! ❤❤

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