Why so Sirius? | Victorine Murray
In Why So Sirius, I, Laura Faye, interview someone – the person behind a character – and ask them a set of questions, obviously. Not normal, every-day kinds of questions, but fun ones. For instance: what isn’t an Olympic sport but should be? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done that you’d otherwise never admit to? What country would you want to be the president of?
Tune in to see who I’m interviewing in this edition of Why So Sirius and to find out more about them!

- From : Alexis Quinn

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Victorine Murray

Victorine Murray It was lovely being interviewed by laura (she gives free snacks guys :D) I look forward to more editions \o/

Felix Heartsgrove

Felix Heartsgrove So excited to see this post back in action! I cannot wait to see more soon!!

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