All Muggled Up - How to Internet Like a Wiz(ard)
The series, where the headmistress, Melisé Everlyn, takes the witch perspective on various muggle object, terms and activities. What is it like to be a witch or wizard, who explores the muggle world with the weird quirks that it can create?

- From : Alexis Quinn

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Adairia McBride

Adairia McBride What if you don't like cats? Can I not use the internet for anything else?

Raeh Thatcher

Raeh Thatcher Cats is the only acceptable answer for what the internet should be used for!

Leetah Mori

Leetah Mori I loved that!!

Emmanuel Dawson

Emmanuel Dawson don't forget to turn the computer off once you're finished! electricity bills won't look pretty the next month ;)

Walter Schmurg

Walter Schmurg This is awesome! I'm looking forward to the next edition of this blog!

Felix Heartsgrove

Felix Heartsgrove Weee I love this and cannot wait for the next edition!!!

Zelene Blachglais

Zelene Blachglais Brb looking up cats in hats

Alexis Quinn

Alexis Quinn Wonderfully written, Melisé!

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