World of Potter anniversary
Hello everyone, today it is the anniversary of World of Potter EU!

- From : Bob Higginbotham

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Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Awesome blog :)

Lucy Moonstone

Lucy Moonstone It is our birthdays!

Lara Mountainheart

Lara Mountainheart Great blog, Bob! Well done!♥

Bob Higginbotham

Bob Higginbotham Thank you everyone! <3

Rosalina Black

Rosalina Black Great job Bob!

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett This is absolutely amazing Bob, well done❤

Nika Pierce

Nika Pierce i'm glad for all the updates <3 great post Bob <3

Nora Thompson

Nora Thompson Wonderful post BobbilyBob!

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Lovely blog post, Bob! Great job :D And woooo happy birthday to us all ;D

Saito Miharu

Saito Miharu Great job Bob! And HAPPY OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! *light's on*

Henrietta Matthews

Henrietta Matthews Wow so many interesting things were added since we are here! :D Wonderful! And great post Bob!

Freya GreyJoy

Freya GreyJoy yay!

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