Theory Thursday: The lost letters
Living in the muggle world is hard. Especially when you have magical abilities that blossom when you’re 11 years old and you can’t seem to figure out what the hell is wrong…expect maybe puberty. Many people stuck in the muggle world are still upset. How was it possible the owl did not arrive with our acceptance letter? We’ll I’ve been searching every library. Demanding answers!

- From : Lexie Clearwater

Ever noticed how the classes in the Harry Potter series were getting smaller and smaller every year? And how less and less muggleborn witches and wizards were coming to the school?



Sure, there have been some incidents. The school sometimes didn’t seem the safest place to send your kids to. With the trolls, the basilisk, werewolf etc wandering the halls.

But most parents would want their kids to be educated well and Hogwarts is the very best this country has to offer! Some might have been kept at home, but most parents to first years probably didn’t know Hogwarts or magic excisted before the acceptance letter arrived. So there would have been tons of first years, don’t you agree?

Someone argued it might have been because there we’re less newborn magical folk. Thinking back to the dark times in which the first wizarding war took place. But we’re not talking about the pure blood or even halfblood people here. Muggleborns are born to…yes muggles. And a lot of them might not even have been aware of the dark times.


NO, there must be something else and after a few nights in a certain section of the library I found out that according to the ministry of magic a lot of muggleborns simply don’t excist!

People didn’t receive their letter, because the record of them ever being born was destroyed. Why? Well to purge the magical world from people with the “wrong” bloodstatus. This to me does make sense. The dark lord would not want to stain the world and noble bloodlines with muggleborns. What better way to prevent them than to erase the records to secure they won’t enter the school and infiltrate in the magical world.


So it’s just all a misunderstanding and we we’re all supposed to receive that letter. They just didn’t know….  

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