WoP EU Originals - Althea
Interviews with a few of the people who helped open world of potter EU.

- From : Althea Cahalan


Dear users of WoP!
And welcome to the (5th of 5) SoMe anniversary post(s). For the first time ever, we have been looking through the site, to see who is still active from the time when World of Potter EU was launched. Doing so, we found 5 members of World of Potter EU, who are either still in the staff or have been. We are very grateful that these lovely people have decided to speak to us, and tell us about their experiences.
The entire SoMe team have been very excited to do this, and to see what kind of people started this entire thing. These people all helped translate the site from its original language (Danish), to English. For this, they definitely deserve a pat on the shoulder, because without them WoP EU and many other WoP's would never have been an option!
The SoMe team would like to welcome: Verita Meracugenus, William Arkwright, Valérie Brière, Thomas Wilder and Althea Cahalan
5 people who are still here, who helped open the site and who have done an insane amount to help make this site what it is! So without futher ado, here's some of the things they were asked, by the SoMe team!

Althea Cahalan - Interviewed by Isaac Holland.

Can you share a little about your journey on WoP so far, how did you end up in this role for instance?
Hm, I started off as Herbology professor with one of my former accounts, Aurelia Caelden, and then got hired as HoH for Slytherin, also with Aurelia. I was one of the people who helped open the site, and no one but Thomas Wilder, Valérie Brière, William Arkwright and Verita Meracugenus probably ever saw me in green with Aure. After almost a year as head of house (I eventually had to give up Herbology, props to Regi for taking over!) I had to step down, because of some personal problems, and I was then hired as Divination professor with my former account Atlas Cresswell, which I absolutely loved, and decided to change characters from Atlas to Althea, and when Min offered me the job as SoMe-leader, there was no doubt! I always loved the idea behind the SoMe team, and being able to be the leader is honestly a gift, and I truly enjoy doing it every single day.

What other hopes or dreams do you have for Althea?
I of course hope that she will evolve as a character and (hopefully) get some relations at some point (I know I'm slow, haha!). But truly I just hope that I will keep enjoying playing as her, and get the chance to do some topics and perhaps even find her a love at one point.

Secret WoP crush?
I don't think I have a secret WoP crush, but I do think Eirin Myren is one of the most indredible people on the site, and she can always make me smile when I doubt anything in my life. I truly love her.

That was all from the SoMe team this time around. It has been an absolute pleasure to make these posts for you all and we thank Thomas, William, Verita, Valérie and Althea for their time - other than that, we hope that the users of WoP feel like they got to know some more about a few of the people who helped open the site!

Until next time, stay magical xx

Althea and the Boysenberries.
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Regina Corona

Regina Corona Excuse me! I saw you in green :o <3

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson great article! I love these interviews!!!

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Wonderful blogs! I do remember the green Aure, not a bad colour on you <3 Yay Myren the lovely birdy!

Sean Hanworn

Sean Hanworn think we all know her wop crush is totes me cos of my hotness and indescribable beauty

Cyrele Moune

Cyrele Moune Yay for Althea <3 And,,, since you were Herb professor and Regina took over,,, I've seen you (Aure) in green :D

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Omg ! I love you too babes! <3 so much love and hugs! Ps. you will always be my favorite book ;)

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Thank you for this ;) *sends relation idea*

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett Woooh Althea! Thank you for an amazing series of posts! And I agree about Eirin, she is amaaazing <3

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