Dig into Their Pockets #1
Have you ever wondered what we can find in the pockets of your favourite personnages?

- From : Daphne Leung

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Davina Beaulieu

Davina Beaulieu Lovely new blog!!!

Isabela Zimri

Isabela Zimri Ahh this is a super cool blog! I love it Estrella!

Laurence Allwine

Laurence Allwine Fascinating! I would always want to have a Cauldron Cake in my pocket too...

Soleil Winters

Soleil Winters Lovely blog Estrella!

Waylen Choi

Waylen Choi Loved the blog, Estrella! To be fair, I'd carry cauldron cake as well xD Maybe even the anti-spider spray.. :think: Can't wait for the next blog! :D

Sebastian Worthington

Sebastian Worthington I might have to take some tips from Ron on how I can keep cauldron cakes in my pockets without them becoming sticky and squished... love it, Estrella!

Inessa Semenov

Inessa Semenov I loved getting to see what Ron might carry in his pockets!! Wonderful log, Estrella!

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