Weasley Wednesday- Prankster Edition
My dear pranksters, I have something magical to share with you. After a long adventure, I have brought forward the greatest of pranks available from the wizarding world. These will be revealed to you over a series of exclusive WoP blogs. So sit down, get your prank brain on and soak up the glory which is Weasley Wednesday!

- From : Chloe Lovegood


Welcome to your very own guide to the best pranking material this world has to offer. One Wednesday every month, the SoMe team will be gifting you with three of the best Weasley inventions from the high class shop Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes! We are here this week only to fulfil the needs of an avid pranker. In this article, you will be offered a chance to explore the truly history-making inventions of this shop.

On every special Prankster Edition of weasley Wednesday, we will leave you with a very interesting (limited edition) prank. This will include your usual risk assessment and a step by step guide to making the prank worth the money you paid on it to begin with. But be warned, you must tread lightly when choosing to partake in the act of pranking. There will be some who will stop at nothing to cease your devious actions.

When hiding your objects of pranking, we would recommend you keep them under someone else's bed. Preferably someone you dislike so they’ll go down for your mischievous antics instead *wink*. 

Buckle up, get out your parchment and take note of what we’re about to tell you- you’re in for a treat. 


  1. The Skiving Snack Box - for the bravest and most determined of class-skippers. 


"Is a professor getting to you again? Are you tired of having to turn up for the same darn dreadful class every morning on a Monday? Much to the authorities distaste, the Weasleys’ created something just for you- The Skiving Snack Box." - Review from the 'Wizard Pranksters Daily' 



Inside of this wonderful box you will find people-friendly sweets and pastries with the intent of making the perfect event-skipping excuse! From growing boils to Puking Pasties, you will find a large array of different sicknesses for your liking within this box. But fear not, most of the effects will disappear in time! You’ll be able to get a couple of classes off if you play it right. However, don’t overdo it! Teachers are now trained in the art of checking for magical illnesses, especially of the Weasley kind! 

Allergy advice- It’s not quiet known what’s in these treats. But we would recommend if you have a nut allergy or are lactose intolerant that you do not take them. Same for if you’re a wimp, no one wants to here the moaning once you start to turn leaf green. 


2) U-no-poo



Named after the famous Wizard, you-know-who, the U-no-poo green pills will cause the eater an extremely severe amount of constipation! Use with caution, they are almost undetectable once dissolved into pumpkin juice- don’t end up taking them yourself! 

We recommend you use this item for when you need to avenge yourself after being a victim of serious embarrassment due to another person. It’s a difficult thing to imagine, but sometimes you’ve just got to do something. Carefully slip two pills into their drink or food while they’re not watching and the pill will dissolve into the object. The affects of the U-no-poo will start to show within an hour or so, giving you enough time to vacate the premises. 


3) Portable Swamp 


No image of product available. Instead, look at this GIF of the Weasleys’ being cool. 


The portable swamp is an incredible device. Many professors, though against the charmed object, conclude that the prank is incredibly sophisticated magic. There is a small portable swamp, left in memory of Fred and George Weasleys’ time at Hogwarts, outside the late Professor Umbridge’s office. The swamp was placed there during her time as headmaster and a small puddle of swamp is kept there as a token to the Wealseys’ fight against the prejudice teacher. 

We do not recommend you put this swamp outside any of the offices of current teachers, the matter would not end nicely for you. 

The portable swamp is this weeks “Prank Practical”. Below is an idea of how to get back at a certain someone in your house who snitched you up to a teacher for you “evil doings”. This prank is free of charge are available exclusively to readers of Weasley Wednesday- however we ask you keep the idea top secret from any other non-reading folk. You will leave the intended victim thinking their bed has been bewitched into becoming a swamp. 

‘The Portable Swamp’- A quick overview of a classic, 100% effective prank. 

You will need: 

-> 2 Portable swamps at least 

-> courage! 

-> enough hatred for the person to pull of doing the prank not once but twice 

-> Complete lack of respect for the school rules  

-> A bin


  1. Buy 2 portable swamps. 
  2. Lay the one of the unpackaged and newly bought (unused) Portable Swamp down on the bed of your victim. You’re looking at quite a few galleons for this, so don’t get the application process wrong.
  3. Set a time you will need to get out of the door and plan an escape route. Make sure there is no one present while undergoing the set up of the prank. 
  4. Place the portable swamp underneath the bedding so that it cannot be seen when the covers are pulled up.
  5. Leave now, without activating the swamp. Tonight in the dorm, the intended victim will jump into bed and therefore activate the swamp. 
  6. After the charms teacher has got rid of the bog, wait until the room is clear again before resetting the prank. This will lead the intended victim into thinking their bed is cursed. 

Warning: do NOT try this at Howarts school. You'll get a whole years worth of detentions! 


Risk Assessment: 

  1. Make sure your bed is at least 3 meters away from the area of activation to avoid you yourself becoming swamped. 
  2. Charm your bed, if you are capable of such magic, to stop the small of the swamp reaching you as much. If incapable of such a smell, stick plugs up your nostrils. It’s going to stink. 
  3. Show no amusement until leaving the room. You are now free to laugh your head off at the poor bean who jumped into a swamped bed. 
  4. The charms teacher will tend to the swamp the next day or during the night, so make sure you’ve hidden all evidence. 
  5. Do not accidentally activate the bog, you’ll smell of bog-water and you’l be the first to fall under the blame. 


Enjoy your pranking, 



Next week... Dive into the world of love with a special range of Weasleys’ WonderWitch products. This will be an incredible artical for all the witches (or wizards) looking to achieve their way to love in a very, very strange way. 


Note: If I see any of these pranks around my dear Hogwarts, I will turn you into nice little chocolate frogs! 

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