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Craig is back and this time....there will be light!

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Craig's Muggley Things

Hello again all my fellow wizards and witches and welcome to this month's edition of Craig's Muggley Things. With, of course, your favourite barefoot rolling Cookie Fairy, me :D This month:

Electric Powered Lights


Whilst we all know that us wizards and witches use candles and our wands as a light source, muggles have another light source in the form of electic powered lights.

LAGB15BCC.JPGWhat a typical light bulb may look like

The light is produced by what is known as a light bulb, which is a few wires encased in glass and can be attached and detached to a device known as a socket that is connected to another device known as light switch, which allows you to turn the light on and off.

11822_P&$prodImageMedium$What a light switch may look like

Light bulbs can also come in all shapes and sizes, and can also be inserted into desk side lamps too. Light switches can also come in many forms too, including a movement sensor activated switch, which turns the light on once it dectects movement and turns off a few minutes after it stops detecting movement.

So my fellow readers, what you think of these electric powered lights? A genuis muggle invention? Or is our magic better when it comes to producing lights.

Till next time folks :D



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Mathilda Daniell

Mathilda Daniell Isnt really all that useful when you need light somewhere that doesnt have a socket is it?

Craig Baxter

Craig Baxter No probs *rolls around like crazy*

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson thanks for explaining this, Craig!

Hunter Mockelton

Hunter Mockelton Muggles.....ugh....

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Great blog, Craig! :D

Thalia Moon

Thalia Moon As long as theres no Nargles...

Lucy Lee

Lucy Lee Curious.. Looks and sounds very complicated.. I'll stick to candles I think ;)

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