Do's and Don'ts World of Potter Edition
Ever wondered what things are good to do on WoP, and what things are not? Well we have the answer for you!

- From : Althea Cahalan


Hey beautiful users of WoP EU!
And welcome back to another edition of Do's and Don'ts World of Potter Edition! This week we are focusing on things to do to make your character better, and things not to do, because.. There are things you should avoid, if you want to continue to play your character for a long time!


It is time for things to do evolving your character!
• Create a profile text, with lots of information, basic knowledge and a description of who your character is
• Write up a backstory about your character
• Topic after topic, this will help guide you and your character towards where you want to be
• Practice your RPG'ing through topics, the IG chat or other means


And now it is time to look at the things you should avoid doing!
• Isolate your character, and make them sad and incapable of being with others
• Make your character too much of something, it will be hard to keep playing without the ability to change it
• Not topic'ing - topics are important for the evolvement of characters!
• Only do wallposts/IG chat

That was all for this week's version of Do's and Dont's - check in again on Wednesday, week 2 to find more!
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Archisha Riddle

Archisha Riddle Hi does anyone wish to befriend a first year Slytherin as myself?

Skyler moore

Skyler moore racheal, send me an owl. im a loner too

Rachael Rachi

Rachael Rachi also, i think my character is already a loner... no one wants to be my friend

Rachael Rachi

Rachael Rachi This was really helpful, thank you!

Lia Sorrel

Lia Sorrel Just started here, I'm glad that I was sorted into Hufflepuff . I never planned to be a loner, but I'm thankful for the advices. :)

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson that sounds really great, thank you for the advice!!

Lily Benjamins

Lily Benjamins Thank you for giving us these tips; being new, I'm certainly gonna try them! :)

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich I like and approve it :D

Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell I totally agree! Character development is really important ^^

Camilla Beaumont

Camilla Beaumont I can confirm, this is needed so much.

Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth Adams I realllly need topic more... great article!!!

Lake Wyvern

Lake Wyvern I'll make sure to follow these :D

Skydin Mercer

Skydin Mercer Great for everyone who just started on the site. :D

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