Grand Opening!
The Social Media team has got some magical news for you! No, the Pixies have not escaped again. This is something much bigger and we hope you're ready to party. Grab your hats and throw them in the air for the grand opening...

- From : Chloe Lovegood

The World of Potter EU SoMe team is overjoyed to present you with some very special news. Though it has already been announced, we simply cannot get over the excitement of the formation of a World Of Potter EU Facebook page! Now now, don’t you all get too excited, all your SoMe’s are already bursting with enough joy at the existence our very own Facebook page. There's enough excitement in our team to fill the entire great hall. We simply can’t keep our cool! 

With the arrival of this new Facebook page comes a time to party! We call upon all of you to join us in celebration. Yes, that’s all of you - Lions, Badgers, Snakes, Claws, Ministers and other amazing magical folk within this wonderful world! The Facebook page will be holding very exclusive competitions allowing you as a user to receive many rewards- enough to fill Dracos’ Vanishing cabinet!

(Warning: We do not recommend that you place your items into a vanishing cabinet, they will go missing)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to receive a month of free VIP and have your user plated with beautiful, shining gold? Our competitions on the Facebook page will allow the winner to receive rewards beyond comprehension! So we suggest you keep an eye out for these by giving our beautiful new page a very, exclusive to you, thumbs up. 

With Love,

Your very excited SoMe team x 

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