The Plot in Our Hearts
There are so many quotes that indicate the importance of plot within various stories, which give stories a certain amount of richness and intrigue. It is the backbone of writing and for a text-based RPG like World of Potter, it is clear that it also has an importance here.

- From : Alexis Quinn

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Raeh Thatcher

Raeh Thatcher Yes, let’s get some big plots up and running! Woo

Carter Winston

Carter Winston yes yes yes, I fully agree! Go go go and try out the Plot team! <3

Iris Everleigh

Iris Everleigh love this! and yes, apply for the plot team everyoneee <3

Ji-Hoon Montminy

Ji-Hoon Montminy Amazing article! Yes, dear folks! Please join if you're interested and with full of ideas! <3

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