Classy Adventures - Edition #3 | Astronomy
Greetings, I am Ilan Kim bringing you another edition of Classy Adventures! If you haven't already guessed due to the title, this blog is about... the different classes taught at the castle! There will be information on these classes, some cool aesthetics, and even a little section where you get to help fill in the blanks!

- From : Daphne Leung

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Leah Kimble

Leah Kimble I'm certainly biased, but astronomy is the best class in the whole world! Lovely work Ilan - I adore this blog :D

Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams hungry, whole wheat flour, burn, cold, chartreuse, The World Book Encyclopedia, ding dong

Kinsley Miller

Kinsley Miller sparkly, stinksap, gallop, daringly, orange, Black Beauty, wobble

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