WoP EU Originals - Valérie
Interviews with a few of the people who helped open world of potter EU.

- From : Althea Cahalan

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Cyrele Moune

Cyrele Moune Yep, you won :D

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson Great job! Lovely article!

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder ValValllll! Love the interview ♥

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Interesting, and that was longish application :D

Joseph Brandt

Joseph Brandt Wondering interview, Isaac! Go Val!

Marcus Warren

Marcus Warren Val is amazing

Regina Corona

Regina Corona Valliry is the best :3 *heart*

Sean Hanworn

Sean Hanworn Love it!

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett Val Val Val❤️❤️❤️

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren What a Val-iful interview :D

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