Quidditch interviews!
The second of four interviews with the Quidditch captains!

- From : Lara Mountainheart

Hi y’all!


As you may know, we’re doing interviews with our Quidditch captains! Last time, we got to talk with the lovely Eviee Elexy, Hufflepuff’s captain. This week, we got the opportunity to talk to the gorgeous Jada Nightflame. She’s Ravenclaw’s Quidditch captain, and has led her team to victory a couple of years in a row now. Let’s see what we learnt about her, and her team!


Ravenclaw has won three Quidditch trophies in a row now, do you feel like there's some kind of pressure on yourself and your team to keep performing like this?

The pressure is most definitely there, especially last year. This year it’s there again, but it actually motivates us to train even harder and just keep on improving. Then there are some people that perform better under pressure, which is definitely an advantage in Quidditch. But yeah, the pressure can be a bit… much, sometimes (sorry for all the caps I’ve used, dear team), though we know it’ll all be okay as long as we stay strong as a team - as a family.


What is the secret to your winning streak? Do you give your team some kind of secret potion or cast a spell on them? *laughs*

Well… promise not to pass this on to our beloved Headmistress? You might have noticed that one of our coaches is none other than Hogwarts’ very own potions professor, and she is especially skilled at brewing Felix Felicis. No, I’m joking. Our secret is just trying to find new things to improve on or trying to find new ways to train. But the strong bond we all have with each other, I think that plays the biggest role. Though maybe the amount of yelling I’ve done recently was more effective than I thought…


The Quidditch teams obviously change around every now and then, do you have high standards when allowing new players onto your team?

Both yes and no. Someone has to have potential in order to be let on the team, and if they have that but aren’t that fast yet, I’ll most likely accept them anyway so we can see what they’re capable of. Replacing a core team member is always really hard, though, and a fair amount of thinking goes into that. By the way, if any readers here are Ravenclaws and would like to try out for the team... don't hesitate to owl me!


What's your favourite cheer you've heard people chanting during Quidditch matches?

There’s been so many beautiful ones! Can I quickly use this opportunity to thank everyone who’s ever supported our team? You’re all brilliant and your encouragement helps so much! Thank you! And I think my favourite is:


Buddy you're an eager eagle,
Flyin' on the pitch, gonna spread your wings some day,
You got blue on your face,
Bronze, you’re an ace,
Wavin' your banner all over the place,

Eagles, eagles, rock you
Eagles, eagles, rock you


That cheer sure sounds like a song I must’ve heard before.. *wink*


Isn’t Jada just amazing? They’ve managed to stay unbeaten up until now and only have to play against Slytherin, with the very strong Molly Mills! Will they be able to break the streak and throw Ravenclaw off their throne? I guess we’ll see..



Kind Regards,

Lara Mountainheart and the SoMe Team



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Snape Hankee Being a part of this looks really fun I would love too

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Holly Gillywood Great blog Lara! Nice answers Jada! Can't wait to hear what Molly says! :D

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Lysander Crane Nice blog :)

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Yaelle Diggory #FaithLikePotatoes forever ♥♥♥♥

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Sunny Lovebad Eagles is the best team ever!

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Valérie Brière YAY! Love the blogs <3

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Izzy Rookwood JADAAAA RULES !!! :D

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