House Pride Week #4 Ravenclaw
It is time for the final house, the #4 in this House Pride week and they will fly high!

- From : Tjay Gillywood

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Emersyn McAyler

Emersyn McAyler #ravenclawsome

Raven Unit

Raven Unit thankjs!!!

Ashely Lovegood


Susan Barley

Susan Barley I am proud of my house as well as those around me.

Michael Maischnack

Michael Maischnack <3

Wren Foster

Wren Foster YAYY GO EAGLES!!!!!

Kendra Ainsley


Henrietta Matthews

Henrietta Matthews No denying about crazyness :3 I mean Yaaaay Great post Cooking teacher! ♥

Verita Meracugenus

Verita Meracugenus Couldn't have said it better myself! Love you Lia <3

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière Yay! EMI IS SHOWING OUR HOUSE PRIDE! :D <3 Love to the Emi :D

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