Wizard Cards Trading Post #16
Do you know that you can feature yourself in a wizard card? Read through to find out!

- From : Daphne Leung

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Max Paige

Max Paige Thanks ya'll! It's easy when I have so many in reserve that I can use when I'm having a rough week! You guys are truly an awesome community!

Mordred Eastgrove

Mordred Eastgrove Awesome blog post! Great to learn more about you, Zac :)

Sebastian Worthington

Sebastian Worthington **Daphne and Max! Whoops, sorry - my brain glitched when I only saw that Daphne had uploaded the blog :-$

Sebastian Worthington

Sebastian Worthington Yes, Zac! Beautiful work as always, Daphne :-D

Alodia d'Avola


Arabella Arkwright

Arabella Arkwright Yay Zac you're on a card! Wonderful work Max once again!

Zachariah Durrin

Zachariah Durrin Woo it’s me :D

Leah Kimble

Leah Kimble An awesome blog, written by an awesome person, making cards about awesome people... love it as usual!!

Quentin Eldridge

Quentin Eldridge woohoo, go zac :D wonderful blog, max!

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