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Heres a chance to enter a competition by the SoMe team and win a big prize in the exam week!

- From : Andreia Caegan

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Linnette Foster

Linnette Foster me when my sister and her friends are yelling at me to give them a piggyback ride

Boo White

Boo White The tiny kneazles know I stole the socks!

Regina Corona

Regina Corona Dumbledore "100 000 points to Gryffindor!!"

Lolle Fletcher

Lolle Fletcher Me when ever people come over

Eleanore Watson

Eleanore Watson "Mit, come down heeereeeeee, me and Leonie just want to play with youuuuuuu o:" "Has, shush, go away Monroew, I don't want to play with you, you're too scary for me :c"

Vita Auden

Vita Auden This is a visual representation of what Dim would act like with children around him.

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