Guide to a great character!
On the World of Potter, we keep our characters alive by words. ‘We live and breathe words’, as a wise man once said. It’s pretty much the same for our characters on the website; if we do not write about them it’s like they don’t exist, and we can’t have that, can we? If you read this article with tips and tricks to make a great character, I can guarantee you that soon enough you will drown in topics and relations – and that’s a nice feeling!

- From : Harper Collins

1. Be creative!

Very Well. We might as well start the first advice I have for you guys. Be creative about your character, don’t go after the average character that most others have. An advice could be to really go into the small things as well as the big things about your character. Make a nice profile text with a lot of descriptions and such. Like you can’t imagine a book character in your mind, if the character doesn’t have a story; it’s exact the same on the World of Potter. Make sure to write a backstory fitting too your character, the more backstory the character has, the more planned it seems.


2. Create topics and make relations

You may not have created the best character, or you just dislike the way it turned out. Don’t worry, you can still change that! Develop your character through topics, and remember to write it down, so you don’t forget. That method as always been my favorite, and has worked the best.


Relations is really one of the greatest ways to experience how well you know your character. A relation between character is a way to describe what they are. Friends? Enemies? Frenemies? Who knows! Sometimes you must go deep into the development of the character to find out of a fitting relation between to users. It isn’t that hard, if you are creative!


Research means everything. You can google stuff like ‘How to develop a great character’. If you for an example decide that your character is from Wales, then google stuff like ‘How do Welshmen look?’ and ‘Which accent do welsh people have?’. If you research quite a bit, then you are making sure that everything is realistic. I know a character can be talented, but I don’t know how realistic it would be if a welsh person had a French accent.


3. Take a character you already know as inspiration

I bet we all have read an outstanding book, where the character had dashing personalities. It isn’t fun to just ‘copy’ a character, quite the opposite. Make your own name for your character, and your own face claim. But you can take a handful characters from different books, and take some of their personalities as inspirations. Do you think it’s nice that one character is a bookworm, then your character could be a bookworm? But under any circumstances don’t steal characters from books or TV series – that just isn’t fun.


This was all for this time. I hope you can use it, cause after all it is much more fun to have a plan for your character than not to have. See you soon,

– Arya Flores

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