Staff Sunday #9
Staff Sunday is a blog where you can get to know the staff OOG. Today I am joined by the Head of Slytherin, Emelie Olsen, for a lovely interview.

- From : Thomas Wilder

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Olympia Burns

Olympia Burns I seriously love this blog series *-* Well done <3 And amazing to get to know Emelie even better!

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren All love to Eme, the one and only mama danger noodle <3 And I totally support the teasing of the pussy cat ;)

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Love it.

Vita Auden

Vita Auden Our lovely Mama Snek <3 We couldn't ask for anyone better than her! Such a wonderful person! Thank you for being you, Eme! :D

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