Fantastic Easter Eggs And Where To Find Them [SPOILERS]
HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! In honour of this holiday we are going on a Easter egg hunting trip together! Doesn't that sound like fun? But be warned, this article contains lots of spoilers for the Fantastic Beasts movie!

- From : Mira Jones

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Hannah Kelles

Hannah Kelles I found 2 of them!

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane The only one I noticed was the scarf lol

Yaelle Diggory

Yaelle Diggory Fantastic work Mira <3

Mira Jones

Mira Jones aww thank you guys! :3 ♥

Oliver Cobalt

Oliver Cobalt Mira this was so awesome :D

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith Whoa soo well done! This is amazing! :D

Siria Bracken

Siria Bracken I loved it, Mira! Nice work <3

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett This was such a great read!! Amazing job Mira (as always)❤

Skylar Smith

Skylar Smith great article. Happy easter! I might go re watch the movie now.

Kendra Ainsley

Kendra Ainsley Great article, Mira dear. I love it!

Mira Jones

Mira Jones Thank you guys - you are so sweet! ^_^

Skye Moonfall

Skye Moonfall Such a good piece of writing Mira, well done!! I'm looking forward to reading more from you. ;)

Lexie Clearwater

Lexie Clearwater amazing Mira. I love easter eggs!

Sunny Gem

Sunny Gem I love this Mira! What an interesting article<3

Jada Nightflame

Jada Nightflame You aren't the only one who feels like rewatching! ;) You did an excellent job on this article, I absolutely love it! ♥_♥

Giovanni Giglione

Giovanni Giglione Indeed, great job

Henrietta Matthews

Henrietta Matthews What an amazing article! Great job Mira! ^^

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