Who is it? Staff Edition!
Today we can try to figure out as many staff members as possible, only from 1 fact!

- From : Lindsey Aguirre

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Aren Whitefeather

Aren Whitefeather 4 months after and I score 10%.....

Victoria Convallaria

Victoria Convallaria Only 20% xD I'm so bad at this xD

Lyanna Bracken

Lyanna Bracken Ahahaha oh dear I got 10% XD

Luella Astrum

Luella Astrum 30% ......... I knew some..........

Jake Wolf

Jake Wolf *coughs* 10 percent. I guess I failed XD

Aren Whitefeather

Aren Whitefeather HA! 40%! Yay! <3

Sam Donoghue

Sam Donoghue 10% lmao

Evangelina Poe

Evangelina Poe 0%...Oops

Septimus Corbulo

Septimus Corbulo This just in: The backstory leader got 20% I'm such a disgrace xD

Amy Nightstar

Amy Nightstar Great job my precious Boysenberry<3

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