Another WoPPortunity
Do you want to have a job on site? Here's your chance!

- From : Andreia Caegan

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Ashcroft Livingston

Ashcroft Livingston Assistant Flying Teacher sounds like a start, I'd like to apply

Banned User

Banned User PREFECT!!!

Banned User

Banned User Librarian how do i do it though?

Emma Zinnia

Emma Zinnia Hm... maybe I’ll sign up for librarian job :D

David Romano

David Romano Apply!! We'd love to have you ;)

Emerald Star

Emerald Star Ah, curse my phone! I'm gonna have to read this on my computer tomorrow now... pls no one still may if the jobs yet!!!

Ernest Quillcourt

Ernest Quillcourt No doubt that many of you would look so pretty in any of these colours and that you'd enjoy doing them! Go apply Y'all! :D

Kulina LaRosura

Kulina LaRosura actually had already applied for some of those but only Val wanted me XD so loss on the rest of you :P Naaah GL finding the right people for the teams <3

Opal Hale

Opal Hale *pokes application*

Elian Venture

Elian Venture So many amazing opportunities! :D Go go apply!

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