Anniversary Indicative Update Part 2

- From : Sebastian Hawthorne


Two years is an extremely long time and in that time many of World of Potter users have been actively filling the forums with stories, gossip and character development. For the lazy who do not want to read through topics of eons ago, for the people who want to reminisce about the good old days and for the curious we have accumulated a timeline of all the gossip of the past. Enjoy!


March 2017

- Holly and Tjay Gillywood get engaged in topic Proposal in the Snow, helped along by their two best friends Regina Corona and Elmindreda Arkwright.
- We found out about Tjay and Aurelia Caelden’s past: they had a baby together!

May 2017

- Nora Thompson finds out she’s pregnant. And the father? Miles Thane.
- Remi Thomas found his first girlfriend: Lyra Nashwood.
- Hayley Soulton starts making her way through the staff, the most notable this month being a hook up with Charlotte Thane.

June 2017

- Char and Thomas Wilder’s rivalry begins with Char testing Wilder’s phobias.
- Olympia Burns begins to show her corrupted colours and pops Char in Azkaban for a night.
- Two engagements this month! Charlotte and Miles finally got back together, and Wilder and Aurelia. That last one is bound to last, right?
- Nora gives birth to Mabel.
- Hayley moves on to add William Arendale to her list after he sees his girlfriend Harper Collins kissing Regina Corona. This leads to the first whispers of something brewing between Will and Min.
- Another romance blossoms: Dianne Smith and Newton Shackelford!

July 2017

- A potion mishap led to Septime Corris kissing Miles - who was less than impressed.
- Will and Min share their first kiss and finally admit there’s something between them.
- More love among the students! Aaron Barnett and Ruby Summers shared a tender moment.
- We found out about Quidditch player Skye Moonfall’s phobia of bludgers… I mean, sure?
- Holly Gillywood is pregnant! About time after all the Gillywood adoptions, really.

August 2017

- One of our other long-term relationships began this month: Medea Darkwaters and Izzy Rookwood went on a cute date.
- The staff had a party: Tjay stole items, Valerie Briere and Emilia Fawcett had a moment, as did Nora and Hayley, Cyrele got very drunk, as did Eetu Hietakangas and Rebekkah Eilifsdottir.

September 2017

- We first find out that the end of Ayden Wallace and Chloe Lovegood is nigh.
- The Gillywoods have their baby: Eli!
- Char and Miles finally get hitched with a wonderful ceremony on the Quidditch Pitch.
- Another wedding that was supposed to happen but didn’t was the Wilder and Aurelia one. Did he find out about her past? Will she be mad to find out he spent that night with Nora?
- Bekhs and Newt have a very loud fight, what’s going on there?


October 2017

- Ruby is threatened with suspension after being caught drunk at the school after a string of other issues.
- Iselilja Wiken and Diaval Vaughn became a couple! Sadly leaving poor Jarla Snowbeck out in the cold…
- Something begins to blossom between Atlas Cresswell and Eirin Myren.
- And another romance (well, it was spring IG!) between Giovanni Giglione and Leo Axton.
- Hayley found out she is pregnant! The father? Wilder.

November 2017

- Diaval begins on a journey that could lead him to something unique: his animagus.
- Love it when more relationships bloom, this time it was between Durante Kida and Ace Servon.
- Lucile Lestrange solidifies her reputation for potion experiments gone wrong by accidentally blowing up a party in the Ravenclaw common room.
- Will proposes to Min deep in the mud in the grounds, and of course she said yes.
- Something started to develop between Wilder and Amina Hayes when baking in the kitchen.
- And another new couple: Sebastian Hawthorne was very flirty with Nora.

December 2017

- Septime’s brother makes his first appearance: Quintus Corris. He’s not so nice.
- Min and Bash drunkenly prank two offices of Ministry officials: Ayden and Holly. Brave!
- Bash found out about Nora’s child - it was a bit awkward.

January 2018

- A love triangle seems to develop between Eirin, Atlas, and Ayden. Things get pretty tense!
- Min chased a student - Olivia Kim - into the forest for spreading rumours about her being pregnant. Or something like that.
- Something is happening between Sep and Eetu. Eeee!
- Bekhs went a bit mad and is now in Azkaban. There’ll definitely be no Time Turners there!

February 2018

- A relationship began between Elisabeth Scamander and Aske Sangster? Cute!
- Eviee Elexy got caught pranking her godmother’s office and then challenged Char to a duel.
- An interview between Val and Min forms the start of their unpleasant relation.

March 2018

- Will and Min finally get married in a cosy ceremony in the woods of Hogsmeade.
- Another new relationship begins, this time between Verita Meracugenus and Ayden. It comes with another development: Verita is pregnant!
- Wilder finally asks Amina out - with a note card and tick box - and they’re adorable.
- Sep stumbles across an incident between Emmeline Umbridge and Edgar Thorne. Detention? I think so.
- Difficulties arise between Fayee Sturgess and her long-term boyfriend Brandon Williams in the Hospital Wing.

April 2018

- A physical fight happens between Will and Bash - will they ever get on? - leading to Min cursing Bash to puke slugs for a morning.
- And yet more romance! This time between Aaron Barnett and Stella Summers.
- And Verita gives birth to her twins. At the school. The horror.

May 2018

- Sep’s found drunk in the kitchens by Min and somehow loses his trousers. Don’t ask.
- Fayee was spotted dating Adalynn Greenwood. Brandon didn’t seem too upset, he was looking for Ace.
- Regina and Val are a couple! Though not everyone is pleased to learn about this.
- After Min gets herself trapped in a bathroom with a spider, Will and Min find out they’re going to have a baby!
- Trouble seems to be brewing between Bash and Nora. Leading to Bash hooking up with Sep.
- In the meantime, Saffie Leabrook finds out about her cousin’s relationship by walking in on Nora in her underwear who didn’t know Bash’s cousin was living there. Awkward.
- Speaking of Saffie, a relationship blooms between her and Diaval. But then… also with Noah Eastwood? Can’t keep up!
- More relationships: Eden Cooke and Nymeria Ravenhearst, and Olivia Kim and Jack Foster!

June 2018

- We celebrated another romance, this time between Joseph Matthews and Henrietta Nagy after years of friendship.
- The rest of the IG world found out about Val being with Regina. Neither Min nor Bash are particularly happy about it.
- Benedict Ashloft is first linked with Evelynn Roseleigh.
- Karah Hamington finds herself trapped in the love web with Diaval, Saffie, Ise, and Noah.
- Viktor Vankov and Sophia Secunda also seemed to have something brewing.
- Break ups that month: Newt and Dianne, Nora and Bash, and Fayee and Adalynn.
- But to counter this, Giovanni found love with Annabelle Davies!

July 2018

- Min gives birth and the Arkwrights have a new addition: Matthew.
- Elvira DeMearas causes a scene in a Muggle cafe with Min. Not the usual way to spend a day buying Christmas presents.
- Bash and Sep get drunk and make a vow to go through with their prank. For a week the two of them were each other thanks to some Polyjuice Potion. Cue many incidents of madness!

August 2018

- More romance! This time it’s Wren Juniper and James Arvandor. Cute, but a little tricky when you also include Jean Kettleburn.
- We mused if something was happening between Benedict and Vanessa Wraith.
- Sean Hanworn has a go with Forsythia Fox. But after the cotton candy incident, it wasn’t going to last.
- Amina and Wilder get engaged! Oh with the added spin of: Amina being pregnant!
- Is another relationship getting serious already? Era Blaise and Iyla Lovegood kept us on our toes.

September 2017

- Romance again! This time it’s Elian Venture and Nolan Anderson to catch interest.
- Charlotte is pregnant with baby number two! Will she give birth with Amina? No, the two are very far apart with Amina being quite round already.
-Speaking of this… Amina and Wilder had their baby: lovely Bonnie.


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Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett ALL THE TEAAA

Nathalee Roux

Nathalee Roux I love that I was here for most of this, amazing and love this. <3

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson Wow, great job :o

Hayley Soulton

Hayley Soulton Incredible<3

Wren Juniper

Wren Juniper This is amazing!

Regina Corona

Regina Corona oooh can I favorite this to keep it for later xD ? Great guide to people's past

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder This is like taking a walk down memory lane. Amazing job <3

Nolan Anderson

Nolan Anderson Power couple!! :p

Miles Thane

Miles Thane Oh goodness... Wow!

Logan Hanworn

Logan Hanworn Yayyyy Seenipoo was in theree

Henrietta Nagy

Henrietta Nagy Wheeeeeeeeeee all the gossip! *-*

Olympia Burns

Olympia Burns This is perfect, hahaha xD

Eleonore Epstein

Eleonore Epstein Wow now I'm all caught up! Gotta love juicy gossip.

Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams This is the greatest thing ever xD Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together *heart*

Jean Kettleburn

Jean Kettleburn Omg xD

Alicia Robnott

Alicia Robnott so. much. gossip.

Charlotte Thane

Charlotte Thane o.O I had forgotten most of this! Wowie - Rereads

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Ooo all the gossip *heart*

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière So much love, wow xD

Ava Hemsworth

Ava Hemsworth I needed this. Now I may finally have a clue on all the complicated relations around here xD

Kendra Ainsley

Kendra Ainsley Tjay and Aure had a baby?? :o:o:o

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