It's so Izzy!
I'm Izzy Rookwood and these are a blog series about discussions, reviews and everything else but with my own style of course.

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Hello there and welcome to the second blog " It's so Izzy " !!!
I'm Izzy Rookwood and these are a blog series about discussions, reviews and everything else but with my own style of course. That's what's the title is about. Not that i'm easy, the point is... well nevermind !


Toda- *snores, almost falls asleep* What? Hm? Yeah, ahm... it's a bit of a lazy day for me. Don't mind. Anyway, on this blog we're going to take a look on soooome... of my favorite creatures !!! That's right and of course for people that know me you already know my taste on... rare, creepy and beautifully magical beings. Take a seat and enjoy !

~ Norwegian Ridgeback ~

Who doesn't love dragons ? They can look as murderous, dangerous and ancient creatures that came from another world but you have to admit they are one of the most interesting out there. Especially if you have read tales and then you come across to one. You wouldn't believe it.
I chose this one breed because it's my favorite. It has venomous fangs and eats huge mammals, even those who live in the water. Their eggs are black and it has sharp claws. I hope i will be able to see one of them but not being on the other side as an enemy !

~ Augurey ~

This list is having two kind of phoenixes. The regular one we all know, that i will mention below, and Augurey that it's called as the Irish Phoenix. Both of them are stunning. They are mortal and classificated as XX. I have read that they are used for were used as weather forecasters too but i would just have it as a close friend of mine, going on adventures together. I don't think they are more rare than the original phoenixes, so i hope one day i will have one *makes star eyes*

~ Phoenixes ~

That's my weakness. A sensitive string. I am obssesed with phoenixes. They are marvelous creatures and they are reborn from their ashes, when it's time to move on. They are classificated as XXXX. Oh my, that sounds lot of work to tame it or at least make sure it won't be dangerous to the others, only if it's threatened. Plus they pass from generation to generation, if a family has one. One of my ancestors had but we never found it, like 200 years now. Either way i saw some in drawings, back to Hogwarts where i was the last years. I think i will loose my breath if i ever be face to face with one !!!

In case you want to help there's a feedback about it that i made a couple of years ago. You can vote so we can have them one day
( )

I hope you all liked the blog and comment below your favorite ones too. See ya next time !!! <3

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Izzy Rookwood

Izzy Rookwood *Snifs* Yes it is :'(

Phyllis Triton

Phyllis Triton You poor thing, it really is a trauma with phoenixes isn't it?

Ashara Vivian

Ashara Vivian #GiveIzzyAPhoenix

Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell DRAGOOOOONS!!! Any kind of dragon is just AWESOME, tho Hebridean Black and Swedish Short-Snout are the best ones! <3

Florence Chang

Florence Chang YAY IZZLOLO! <3 Pheonixes ooooo

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