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Hey beautiful Woppers!
Welcome back to Staff Thurday! The blog where all the users of the site have a change of getting to know the staff better !!!
Today we're going to have a look on the lovely Hufflepuff's HoH, Charlotte Thane ! Below there are five questions and five awesome answers from her. Let's see them !!!

Five Words to Describe Yourself
  • Small
  • Fierce
  • Bubbly
  • Loyal
  • Creative
What do you like about WoP?
Where do I even begin about WoP EU? I will start with this. WoP EU, for me and for many across the globe, is HOME. It has the power to bring people and nations together under the harmony of one Fandom and I find that to be fascinating and admiring. I love it. I absolutely adore how everyone is amicable to one another and goes above and beyond to make everyone feel welcomed and a part of the site. It is a beautiful place to go and relax. To lose yourself in another world and to chat with so many absolutely superb people. I feel truly honoured to be able to be a part of such a fantastic site like WoP. Having been here for a year and three quarters now, I have seen the site grow and people become fonder of one another. I have seen people grow into more confident versions of themselves and I have seen friendships spiral upwards towards the sky. I, myself, have made so many friends on this site. Friends I have no doubt are indeed for life. It has helped me grow into the person that I am today. Now that, my friends, is the power of WoP EU. You take a bunch of Harry Potter loving strangers, fling them on a site, and you get MAGIC. In every sense of the word. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that WoP has the power to change people and change lives; it has most definitely changed me and changed my life and only for the better.

Life Motto:
"Live life and live it to the full, don't let a single moment pass you by."


What's the one thing you wouldn't live without in the Wizarding World?
Ooooo a hard question there. I think there are a lot of things that I wouldn't be able to live without. But I guess, being a former potions teacher and healer, I guess it would have to be my potions supplies and cauldron. Spells can heal and cause damage, yes but potions also have the ability to do that on a much higher level. The amount of times I have healed Miles with potions rather than spells is unbelievable. Love ya Miles. Yes spells also have the ability to cause havoc but in my day (and to an extent still) I have always found it a lot more interesting to see the effects of potions on people. It can lead to quite the amusing time if I don't say so myself. Not to mention, when I am in need of a pick-me-up, then the pepperup potion is a great way for an instant boost. Who even needs coffee? Okay, yes I still need coffee. I do spend quite a deal of time keeping up with the latest medical trends and trying out new potions so I honestly think I would be a little lost without my potions items.

You're the Head of Hufflepuff House. Since that day, what's the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
Oh my goodness, yet another good question. Eeek! I think it would definitely be the year that Hufflepuff truly shone. It was fascinating to see. All the Puffles seemed to club together to form one giant pack and they worked so so hard. Since then, they have only been working ever harder. It had been a long time coming for Hufflepuff and whilst I am proud every single year to be Head of such a fantastic house. That year was definitely the most interesting for me. Apart from that, many interesting things have happened, I have made many friends and enemies and I also have a husband, kid and another child about to emerge too. I find every single day at Hogwarts interesting and I take each day as it comes. Live life like every day is an adventure and as I said, don't let a single moment pass you by.

Merlin's beard, that was amazing ! ( Thank you Charlotte... ). I hope all of you liked it and can't wait for the next week's blog! See you there!!
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