Unveiling the Faceclaim
Who really are these people that we associate with our friends, coworkers, and classmates? That will be the main focus of the new blog series:

- From : Althea Cahalan

It is a well-known fact that most of us here at WoP use famous people to represent what our characters look like, aptly named Face Claim, FC for short. But, who really are these people that we associate with our friends, coworkers, and classmates? That will be the main focus of this blog series:
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OK, let me start off by saying how sorry I am for not including Jean Kettleburn in my last post. I had no idea her FC was Billie Eilish, and I hope everyone can put their outrage to rest.


There, that's enough grovelling, let us continue with our scheduled programme. Today we have someone well-know throughout the site for his creative and amazing writing, a person half of us are often found stalking, me included. Give it up for Jude Alexander!

His FC is the British-American actor who stars in Endless Love, The Strange Ones, and my personal favourite, Beastly. Handsome and talented, he is, of course, none other than Alex Pettyfer.

Alex Pettyfer was born to be an actor, as his parents are Lee Robinson and Richard Pettyfer, an actress and an actor respectively. As a child, he modeled for Gap and played in a few commercials. His acting career debuted in 2005, when he played Tom Brown in the British TV production, Tom Brown's Schooldays.
After that his career skyrocketed, with him co-starring alongside Hollywood household names like Neil Patrick Harris and Teresa Palmer, and under the direction of legendary people, such as Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. His latest role was in 2018's The Last Witness, if you haven't seen it, what are you doing reading this? Go!

Pettyfer is not one for sweet words and fake laughs. He is down to earth and he isn't afraid to say what's on his mind. In an interview, he says "When you have already experienced going out and working in the real world, and you come back to school, you just see it as a playground and you don't want to be there any more", and that begets mad respect, yo.
Another one of his famous quotes would be "I felt like the industry was just a factory. You hear a lot of people say they want to make art in this industry, but so few people actually f*cking do it. I was disillusioned by Hollywood at the time, but now I've come to accept that's just the way things are: it's called show business, not show art." That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call cool. For someone so young, he speaks wise words better men have not realized. I can only hope to see more from him, and I'm sure you do as well.

So, by now, we can most certainly agree Alex Pettyfer is dandy to the brim. And with me is a person who played a vital role in letting Alex be a familier face to us. Jude, the stage is yours.

1. When did you first discover Alex, and your first impression?
I first discovered Alex Pettyfer in high school. One of the girls in my school had changed her facebook surname to Pettyfer and I thought, 'hang on, that's not your surname,' and she explained that she got it off of an actor she liked. I googled him then and found out. I honestly don't remember my first impression of him, just that he was good looking. Though for years after that I kept just associating him with that girl I knew back at school. Apparently many people asked her, and a couple called her Mrs Pettyfer for a while. I wonder what she's doing now.
2. Favourite movie with Alex and why?
In Time. It's an interesting concept, that a person's life shortens and lengthens as they trade time. But I do think it's funny that a long life automatically preserved youth for some of those characters. I reckon they should've become shrivelled up but living long, like Melisandre the Red Priestess' true form (GoT). But if that had been the case, they'd all be bedbound with VR gear on their heads sooner or later, so I guess it doesn't quite work that way.
3. Who came first, Jude or Alex? (keep your naughty comments out of chat, I'm watching you)
Jude definitely came first. The original version of Jude involved grey eyes and dark hair. He existed in my mind but I hadn't quite been able to find a suitable faceclaim. The original faceclaim I had set when I created him is now probably in his 70s or so, therefore naturally he didn't have very many photos I could use. So I'd been searching for a couple weeks after that, time to time, and I saw Alex. He has dark blonde hair and green eyes, but there was a quality about him that still reminded me of my character––the same type of 'atmosphere' so to speak. And now, he's completely manifested as Jude to me and I can't imagine him as anybody else. So yes, I'm glad to have found him as a faceclaim.

And thus concludes today's edition of Unveiling the FaceClaim, join us next time for more, and if you want to be featured/have someone in mind who you think needs more digging into, my owl is always open.
But before you comment down how much you love Jude, me, and the article, let us give a quick shout out to William Peverell. He used Alex Pettyfer as his FC for a brief period, and I applaud you in sincerety for recognizing his greatness.

Thank you for paying attention, and have a fantastical day.
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Ylva Rosier

Ylva Rosier *changes last name to Pettyfer* loved it Hadrian, you go!!

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Love these! :D

Victoria Rosefall

Victoria Rosefall and by awesome face hadrian i definitely meant article but dw hannfran, ur a looker too

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Niceeeeeeeeeee

Edynne Eldridge

Edynne Eldridge I love these articles! It's cool giving FC choices background! *showers everyone with compliments* <3

Leofwine Wells

Leofwine Wells love this column ♥︎.♥︎ and great answers!

Victoria Rosefall

Victoria Rosefall awesome face hadrian, and hot face jude ;)

Jude Alexander

Jude Alexander Thanks Hadrian (;

Regina Corona

Regina Corona yess :D love these

Florence Chang

Florence Chang Ooooooo go Hadrian! :3

Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell I didn't know him! Ö Great article to both of you! :D

Lynelle Whitehall

Lynelle Whitehall Awesome article!

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson great job!!!

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett Love!

Felicia Wolf

Felicia Wolf Great job Hadrian!

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière These are great

Jo Robnott

Jo Robnott Hahaha Jean xD *puts outrage to rest*

Keahi Matua

Keahi Matua Great article, and nice FC choice

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