Classy Adventures - Edition #12 | Divination
Greetings, I am Ilan Kim bringing you another edition of Classy Adventures! If you haven't already guessed due to the title, this blog is about... the different classes taught at the castle! There will be information on these classes, some cool aesthetics, and even a little section where you get to help fill in the blanks!

- From : Daphne Leung

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Quentin Eldridge

Quentin Eldridge WHOA, i /love/ the aesthetics!

Corvina Morgan

Corvina Morgan Thank you for the entry Ilan! an amazing blog indeed. I will be expecting you in class everyone!

Hadrian Fairbrother

Hadrian Fairbrother Pressed enter too soon...adjective: fat noun: lampshade school subject: chemistry number: 7 verb: fall

Hadrian Fairbrother

Hadrian Fairbrother Madlibs entry: fat

Hadrian Fairbrother

Hadrian Fairbrother A beautiful course, takes a unique mindset to tap into the divine

Sebastian Worthington

Sebastian Worthington Divi is honestly one of the most underrated subjects!

Rowena Morgan

Rowena Morgan What an interesting blog indeed! I can't wait to take Divination next year!

Maya Pearson

Maya Pearson 3 hours for Divination is a long time O-O also, very well-said, Corvina! Loving it! And uh, I'd like to use these words: obnoxious, typewriter, computer science, 12512, sing? c:

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