Which Head of House are you?
Which Head of House are you like?

- From : Lara Mountainheart

Hi there you lovely wizards and witches!


In honour of WoP EU's anniversary, about a week later, we've put together a quiz we believe you'll love! In this quiz, you'll find out which Head of House you're most like!

With every answer, there'll be a certain amount of points with it. Count all the points, and at the end of the quiz, you can compare your points to the diffferent gorgeous personalities of the four Heads!


Question 1:

If you were to choose between these four activities, which would you choose:
a. Drink a nice cup of coffee with some close friends (1 point)
b. Going out, and enjoy the nature (4 points)
c. Going on an adventure (2 points)
d. Learn some new things (3 points)


Question 2:

In your group of close friends, you’re known as the..

a. Quiet one (3 points)
b. Goofball (2 points)
c. Caring one (4 points)
d. Independent one (1 point)


Question 3:

You’ve got to do a project with a classmate, and you both have a great idea, what would you do?
a. You're used to getting things your way and this is no exception (4 points)
b. You would let your idea go and work on the other's idea, but make sure it's done in the best way possible (3 points)
c. You think teamwork is important, and decide to meet in the middle (2 points)
d. You compensate, because you never know the merging of the two ideas would create something amazing! (1 point)


Question 4:

If people had to describe you in three words, which ones would it be?
a. Stubborn, loyal, adventurous (2 points)
b. Introvert, caring, knowledgeable (3 points)
c. Independent, curious, big mouthed (1 point)
d. Stubborn, nature-loving, ambitious (4 points)


Question 5:

Would you ask strangers for help if you needed it?
a. Oh hell no! I'm way too awkward in new situations (3 points)
b. Of course I would, I have no problem asking people to help me out (1 point)
c. I'm far too proud and stubborn to be asking for other people's help (4 points)
d. I would prefer to try and look for the solution myself, that's far more adventurous! (2 points)




If you have 5 - 8 points, you're just like Charlotte Thane!
Charlotte is our beloved Hufflepuff Head of House, and a great one at that. Charlotte is always helpful, and would try to find the best soolution for everybody. In order to do so, she tries to look beyond the given options to get the best result. She's always eager to learn new things, and will always say what she thinks. You'd say she's rather independent!


If you have 9 - 12 points, you're just like Thomas Wilder!
Thomas is the amazing Head of House for Gryffindor. As we all know he likes a bit of firewhisey every now and then, but he's also very outgoing and generally a social person. This makes him loyal to his friends and family. Stubborn at times, he wouldn't easily ask people for help, but look to find a solution himself instead, always out for a new adventure!


If you have 13 - 16 points, you're just like Verita Meracugenus!
Verita is also known as the knowledgeable, the introvert, and caring person. No wonder she's the Head of House for Ravenclaw. Though the might be very awkward and a bit scared in new situations (especially those in the Muggle world), she would try and adjust to the situation, how hard it may be. She's willing to let her own idea be, if it means somebody else's got another one, but she'd always make sure she does the best she can for the best result.


If you have 17 - 20 points, you're truly like Emelie Olsen!

Though Emelie, Head of House for Slytherin, may come off as strict, and cold, she is not if she considers you as one of her best friends. She would do anything she can to protect those she loves the most. Emelie would be described as stubborn, ambitious, and she's very used to getting her way all the time, every time. Don't mistake her as spoilt, because she's far from that. It's just her persistency.


We hope you enjoyed this quiz, and maybe there will be more in the future.. who knows!


Magical regards,

Lara Mountainheart and the SoMe-Team!

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Hillary Murray

Hillary Murray Got Verita Meracugenus.

Hazel Lilabeth

Hazel Lilabeth I got Verita Meracugenus!

Ivy Harlow

Ivy Harlow Wilder

Edgar Thorne

Edgar Thorne Forever Snek.

Skylor Elisabeth

Skylor Elisabeth According to this, I’m just like Thomas Wilder

Aspyn Pierce

Aspyn Pierce pleasantly surprised that I got Thomas Wilder!

Bronwen Sueben

Bronwen Sueben Wow I am Wilder

Connor Harding

Connor Harding I am Verita :)

Blaze Drake

Blaze Drake *didn't get Charlotte xD*

Saito Miharu

Saito Miharu Wilder be proud! I got you xD

Dawn Kerry

Dawn Kerry Wilder

Saffie Leabrook

Saffie Leabrook I got Wilder!! Who knew XD

Erin Watling

Erin Watling Got Verita too :)

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Badger forever. ❤

Olivia Clearwater

Olivia Clearwater Wow, I'm Verita xD

Bryan Korkalpolov

Bryan Korkalpolov Verita I am I Ravenclaw Always Will be.

Sylvia Rao

Sylvia Rao I got Verita! ;P

Holly Gillywood

Holly Gillywood I'm pretty sure it came to no one's surprise that I got Charlotte! I am deffo a puff at heart!!! <3 This was a great idea Lara, well done!!! :D

Septime Corris

Septime Corris I am now literally Char.

Emelie Olsen

Emelie Olsen WOHO! Blaine and Newt, there is a reason why you are in Slytherin I see ;) ♥

Rosalina Black

Rosalina Black What a surprise... I got mama eagle <3

Chloe Davenport

Chloe Davenport I got Verita Meracugenus

Orlia Bengis

Orlia Bengis ..............I totally didn't just get Wilder......obviously

Blaine Anderson

Blaine Anderson Well, what a surprise, Emelie, yay for Slytherin power !

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Surprise! I got Wilder! I feel blessed to be like this loving, goofball of a HoH ;D

Olivia Kim

Olivia Kim Yasss I got Verita! 15 points!

Newton Shackelford

Newton Shackelford Oh I got mah queeennnnnnn Emelie <3

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters Oh of course I got Verita ♥♥♥

Charlotte Thane

Charlotte Thane Oh ... I got Wilder ... help ...

Ruby Summers

Ruby Summers KING WILDER ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #Soulmates ;)

Nathalee Roux

Nathalee Roux Oops I got Verita, sorry Wilder darling.

Kathrine Black

Kathrine Black Yessss ❤❤ I'm like my head of the house !! Meracugenus ❤

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett WILDER!! hahahahaha <3

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Verita !! Super happy I am not a danger noodle :( can't imitate her in all things , that would be embarrassing ... ;) love you tho

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith This is great!! Even here I'm like Wolder! We love all of our HoH! <3

Luna Silvermoon

Luna Silvermoon B, A, D, A, A = 13 points. i'm like Mama Eagle , Verita Meracugenus <3

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière Hahaha, I love this xD

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