Back to School #5 - Durmstrang
Join us on a world tour as we explore the known great wizarding schools of the world! From Beauxbatons to Uagadou and everywhere in between, we can't wait to take you on this adventure to learn more about the wizarding world.

- From : Soleil Winters

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Miles Gosling

Miles Gosling Although I was only there for a short time, I can confirm the uniform barely did anything for the cold (but then again, I always feel the cold) D: it was not fun. Great addition for the wizarding school blog!

Tanya Whim

Tanya Whim I had no idea Hogwarts was bigger than Durmstrang - suppose the heating costs get a bit too much up north for a castle as big as ours...

Althaea Arkwright

Althaea Arkwright The fact that Grindelwald was too extreme for Durmstrang... it makes me shudder!

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