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Expect the unexpected, because in the world of magic, even the smallest choices are important! Ready to wield your virtual wand and influence the magical polls? Accio Answers awaits – where the magic is in your choices!

- From : Soleil Winters

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Ondine Moreau

Ondine Moreau The Philosopher's Stone seems so interesting :O

Joanna Swansong

Joanna Swansong I think I'd be AWESOME with the Sword of Gryffindor :D

Natalie Feldmen

Natalie Feldmen I would like to own the invisibility cloak because I could go out and not be brothered by people, plus I'd me really good at hide and seek!

Aurelius Wayfinder

Aurelius Wayfinder I think the Sorting Hat would be a great conversationalist :D I was a hatstool, and those seven minutes were the most stressed I've ever been, so I'd love to have a chat under less terrifying circumstances XD

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