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Character development can be tricky! With so much to do and no idea where to start, it can be daunting to commit to your vision. This article aims to inspire and support writers on World of Potter UK to help guide you to bring your vision to life!

- From : Soleil Winters

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Yesenia Flores

Yesenia Flores Never heard on an enneagram before... Gotta check it out

Mordred Eastgrove

Mordred Eastgrove Time to do an enneagram test and see where I fall! :o

Ichabod Hellebore

Ichabod Hellebore Ah, common sense - I miss you so :P

Finnian Kane

Finnian Kane This post is absolute gold and contains some really great tips! And yes I love the moment where "common sense is telling you one thing, but you know it doesn't make sense for your character" - these tricks will definitely help with that (:

Miles Gosling

Miles Gosling Incredibly helpful information, Val :D I've never looked into Enneagrams properly before, so it's actually really interesting to learn a bit more about them and where to go o:

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