This or That! | Vol 1
Always been curious about the familiar faces around site? Join Grayson as he digs a little on some of our well known, to find out EXACTLY what they think!

- From : Grayson Steele

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Davina Beaulieu

Davina Beaulieu The Yule Ball over Quidditch? :O

Hythlos Honeywood

Hythlos Honeywood Oh this is so much fun! :D Nice getting to know you, Wren

Sebastian Worthington

Sebastian Worthington Ooooh love this Grayson! And some great answers from Wren :-)

Lorenzo Jackson

Lorenzo Jackson Fight Voldemort

Meredith Whittaker

Meredith Whittaker I am almost in total agreement, but not entirely :D

Aillis Argyll

Aillis Argyll Interesting!

Elvira Parker

Elvira Parker Very interesting to learn more about our Papa Eagle! Love it!

Niklaus Petrov

Niklaus Petrov Very interesting. Seems like someone is avoiding their biggest fears... Thank you Grayson for giving us this very interesting This or That! Can't wait to see who's next

Wren Dalloway

Wren Dalloway Love this - and a great way to find out about me! Wonder what others will think?!

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