Unveiling the Faceclaim
Who really are these people that we associate with our friends, coworkers, and classmates? That will be the main focus of the new blog series:

- From : Andreia Caegan

It is a well-known fact that most of us here at WoP use famous people to represent what our characters look like, aptly named Face Claim, FC for short. But, who really are these people that we associate with our friends, coworkers, and classmates? That will be the main focus of this blog series: KHp3p6b.png
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Welcome back to another Unveilment, my lovelies. It is a brand new year for us, and a brand new face that we will be admiring today. She is the epitome of amazing, with her personality shining through her many, many typos in chat. A lobster in colour, it is none other than Era Blaise!


Our lovely Ms. Blaise's FC is Tegan Quin, and she is absolutely beautiful. Along with her twin sister Sara, they are a dynamic duo with mesmerizing voices, musical talents, and looks to die for!


Tegan and Sara Quin are indentical twin sisters born in September 19th, 1980, and whose journey starts young in their lives. They first started their band under the name "Sara and Tegan" (which was later changed to Tegan and Sara after people mistaking them for a single singer named Sara Antegan) with a couple of demo albums, both of which helped them gain fame and fortune to enable their humble beginnings. In total, they have released 3 demo albums, and 8 studio albums, of which the most successful are the latest two, Heartthrob and Love You to Death, and both are goshdarn amazing. With them having great musical talents, both vocally beautiful and well-trained in multiple musical instruments, I believe anyone can enjoy their works thoroughly.


Both Tegan and Sara are openly gay, and they use their fame to influence the world in a positive way. They support gay marriage, musical education, and most importantly, ice-cream sandwiches. They love their fans, touring almost non-stop between Canada and The States, and not being shaped by the general consensus. Even their music is indie pop, letting the people know that they can and are breaking the mold. My only wish is that more people would be as amazing they are, and possibly tour somewhere in Asia, because I wanna see them live without spendning all of my tuition.

Now, let's get onto what ya'll been waiting for, the interview! Era Blaise, may you do the honours?

1. When did you first discover Tegan and Sara, and what was your first opinion?
I first discovered them when I was 17, so that would be a good 7 years ago now. I was going through a hard period of my life, trying to discover who I really was and mostly answer questions about my own sexuality. Tegan and Sara being really popular in the LGBTQ community, I thought maybe listening to them would give me some sort of clue. But I have to confess at first listening, I did not like them. At the time I was into hard rock and their songs sounded quite strange to my ears, but I was determined to give them a chance, so I put their whole discography on my phone and I ended up listening to one of their first demo songs, "Here I am" on repeat for hours and crying. That song spoke to my soul and I soon discovered that their other songs did, too.
2. What is your current opinion of both of them, separately?
Oh boy, it is really hard to talk about them separately because they seem to be doing everything together, as a team. I have great respect for them both as human beings because of their work towards helping LGBTQ people through their foundation. All their charity work is done together, so to speak about them separately I need to have a look at their songs. I used to be more partial to the songs of Tegan, and during my early years as a fan I liked them more than Sara's songs but as I have aged I grew to appreciate the more subtle meaning of Sara's lyrics, and I actually have one of her songs, "Knife Going In" tattoed on my body. I love both of them dearly, but I am sure that crush I used to have on Tegan will never fully go away and so I will always have a special spot for her in my heart. Their work as artists, activists and role models greatly helped me accepting myself and no matter how I try it is very hard to think of them separately as they are a team that helped/helps me through the daily struggles of life.
3. Favourite song and why? (unorginality at it's finest, folks)?
That is a really evil question, how could I only pick one?! Well, if I really have to, then the answer is "Shock To Your System". (Ironically, Sara's song.) It speaks to a part of my soul that I usually like to keep hidden and has pulled me out of many dark moods during the years. I was lucky enough to hear it live twice from them and both times it left me in tears. It is a song that gives me hope and strength that no matter what struggles life throws my way, I can and will stand up and go on.
Bonus Question. Have you ever used Sara instead of Tegan, and has anyone noticed?
...it might be possible that I have, once or twice. No one noticed which I find weird because I can tell just from a glance if it is a pic/gif of Sara or Tegan but I also change gifs quite often so that could also be the reason no one said anything. I don't usually like to use Sara as I think Tegan represents Era's character much more. My character's looks are very much based on the looks of Tegan so to use Sara makes me feel weird. But I will probably continue to throw in a few gifs of Sara if she looks similar enough to Tegan in it.


And that is it for today's edition of Unveiling the FaceClaim, join us next time for more. And let us all take a moment to remind ourselves, whether be near or far, whether we be old or young, we are all just smooth Barbies.


I've been reading all of your kind comments on the previous posts from last year, and they are a great source of motivation. I couldn't ask for a greater crowd, and I love all of you dearly. Thank you for paying attention, and have a megafantastical day.
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Saffie Leabrook

Saffie Leabrook wowowow loved reading this! amazing as always and such an interesting fc :3

Elizabeth Fenwick

Elizabeth Fenwick Yay! Era and her awesome fc. Another great article

Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell Awesome as always! And as usual, I didn't know them ^^''

Yuna Fairfox

Yuna Fairfox Great read, great interview, great FC! Love it ♡

Edynne Eldridge

Edynne Eldridge Omg I love this, and how much background is behind your choice of FC Era! Though I do have to admit I never actually noticed you changing between them as twins 0.0 Great article Hadrian! <3

Victoria Salvatore

Victoria Salvatore Awesome article Hadrian!

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson such a nice interview *heartssss*

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