Unveiling the Faceclaim
Who really are these people that we associate with our friends, coworkers, and classmates? That will be the main focus of the new blog series:

- From : Andreia Caegan

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Saffie Leabrook

Saffie Leabrook wowowow loved reading this! amazing as always and such an interesting fc :3

Elizabeth Fenwick

Elizabeth Fenwick Yay! Era and her awesome fc. Another great article

Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell Awesome as always! And as usual, I didn't know them ^^''

Yuna Asbury

Yuna Asbury Great read, great interview, great FC! Love it ♡

Edynne Eldridge

Edynne Eldridge Omg I love this, and how much background is behind your choice of FC Era! Though I do have to admit I never actually noticed you changing between them as twins 0.0 Great article Hadrian! <3

Victoria Salvatore

Victoria Salvatore Awesome article Hadrian!

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson such a nice interview *heartssss*

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