That is just SoMe(Team)!
How do we get more users? How do we tell people, how awesome we are? How do we get new friends? We'll answer all of your questions about the Social Media Team in this blog post - and if you still aren't interested in applying for a job at this wonderful team; well then it's just SoYou!

- From : Harper Collins

I have had a feeling the past few days… It is called loneliness, and that means that the SoMe’s are too sad! The bright purple people on the Maurauder’s Map is still an inferior race. This makes me wonder why, and I might have gotten to the right point: 

People do not know what we do!

This issue is a thing I must teach you, my fellow magicians, about! Sit back in your comfortable seat and make yourselves ready. This will be an exciting journey for you and for my SoMeBoss, miss Harper Collins. 

The Social Media Team (shortened SoMe) is a team that has to do with social media, advertisement of WoP and different posts for people to get interested by. We operate on a WoP-blog, on Facebook and we might expand to other social media platforms as well!

You might be thinking by now whether or not you will expose your true self behind the screen!
But… Fear not, witch or wizard, we have got your back! – You do not post things from your own account on Facebook and you most certainly do not have to reveal yourself. It'll be our little secret! 

SoMe Team is in fact a really creative team. We must think outside the box for how to make people interested in WoP. We are the ones managing the Facebook page and we have a blog as well. In here we must find a way to capture an audience and make them feel that the magic on WoP is for them as well. I know I fell the magic and I hope all of you guys do the same! To capture the audience we have the opportunity of making competitions. These are appetizers for new users (or the old ones as well), and who wouldn’t want the chance to win something great? 

To make the long story short: We love writing silly, serious and all other kinds of posts that would make the magic real. The Harry Potter universe is such an unique thing to have in common, and this is what we want to share. We might even ask you – as your character only of course – what you feel is the real magic. 


I can only say that we hopefully will meet on the blog and on Facebook, but of course not with our own face behind the screen. The secret it ours!

- Olympia Burns

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