Staff Sunday #1
Welcome back to another blog! This is the first edition of Staff Sunday, a blog where it's possible for you to get to know our staff members when they are not 'in character'. Intrigued yet? We hope so!

- From : Thomas Wilder







Welcome to the very first edition of Staff Sunday! Since it's the first of many a short introduction might be in order. Staff Sunday is a weekly blog post where I, Thomas Wilder, will be interviewing the lovely staff members of WoP EU! You certainly did not see that one coming, huh? BUT to make an interesting twist, the questions will have to be answered out of character (OOG), meaning you'll get to know the staff members true selves! Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well hang on, and get ready cause the first staff member in the boysenberry spotlight is no one but our very own Tjay Gillywood, the SoMe Team Leader! Always wanted to know more about this wonderful and kind man? Keep on reading!


Describe yourself using only 5 words!
Loud, talkative, caring, insecure and funny!

Your life quote / motto!
That's a long one:

"Some days are better, some days are worse.
Look for the blessing instead of the curse.
Be positive, stay strong and get enough rest.
You can't do it all, but you can do your best."


If you won a fully paid vacation and you could pick the destination yourself, where would you go and why?
I would go for Australia again, got really good memories there and I have learned how to surf there as well.


If you could direct the Gillywood Hollywood movie about your life, what would you name it and what actor/actress would play you?
The ups and downs of a 30 something that didn't want to grow up! I will go for Joseph Gordon Levitt of his comdey timing and I think he would be a perfect actor for this role.

(Even if I want to say Matthew Daddario as well, he has been my FC from the beginning on WoP).


What is your favourite thing about WoP and why?
It's a home for me, I met a lot of wonderful friends IG and some even IRL. It have taught me to think sometimes before I speak, how to deal with some stuff and most of all, to like myself. Also it is a place where I can have fun, crack jokes and be myself.


That is all for this time! If you enjoyed this blog post, keep an eye on your notifications again next Sunday where I will be back with a new, yet familiar, face!


Magical Regards,
Thomas Wilder and the Social Media Team
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Olympia Burns

Olympia Burns Wonderful post, I love it!! And a wonderful glimpse of you, Tjay <3

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith Aaaa great idea Wolder❤️ And all love for Daddy <3

Charlotte Thane

Charlotte Thane This is AMAZING. I love it!!

Nymeria Ravenhearst

Nymeria Ravenhearst I love this idea so much!

William Corn

William Corn Nice!

Harper Alton

Harper Alton Great blog!

Lily Adams

Lily Adams Love it <3

Damon Walcott

Damon Walcott Yey! Wonderful :3

Alexander Nightflame

Alexander Nightflame Wonderful idea and TJAYYYY <3

Jiya Sharma

Jiya Sharma Nice idea for weekly posts! And amazing blog! <3

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Niceee!

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