WoP EU Originals - Verita
Interviews with a few of the people who helped open world of potter EU.

- From : Althea Cahalan


Dear users of WoP!
And welcome to the (4th of 5) SoMe anniversary post(s). For the first time ever, we have been looking through the site, to see who is still active from the time when World of Potter EU was launched. Doing so, we found 5 members of World of Potter EU, who are either still in the staff or have been. We are very grateful that these lovely people have decided to speak to us, and tell us about their experiences.
The entire SoMe team have been very excited to do this, and to see what kind of people started this entire thing. These people all helped translate the site from its original language (Danish), to English. For this, they definitely deserve a pat on the shoulder, because without them WoP EU and many other WoP's would never have been an option!
The SoMe team would like to welcome: Verita Meracugenus, William Arkwright, Valérie Brière, Thomas Wilder and Althea Cahalan
5 people who are still here, who helped open the site and who have done an insane amount to help make this site what it is! So without futher ado, here's some of the things they were asked, by the SoMe team!

Verita Meracugenus - Interviewed by Alhea Cahalan.

What is the most amazing thing you have experienced as Head of House?
This is gonna sound really cheesy but, the most amazing experience for me has been to see friendships form between the users of this site. To see people get to know each other and not just become friends on the site, but also in real life. It's amazing to know that sites like these bring people together who wouldn't have ever met otherwise.

How does it feel knowing that you were a part of starting this site?
The site would have launched with or without me, I wasn't really important to all of that. Am I proud to say that I was a translator for the site? Yes of course I am! But more than that, I am just so incredibly thankful that I got to be part of all of this. I don't see it as me being part of starting this site, and personally, I don't think my contribution to the site over the years has been anything special. Thinking back on the last two years has me humbled and thankful that I happened to be at the right place at the right time because that was all it was. I got lucky! And I truly feel lucky! This adventure should never be taken for granted, and I never have.

Last but definitely not least, we have the (if I say so myself, lololol) amazing SoMe Leader, Althea Cahalan.
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Cyrele Moune

Cyrele Moune WoP wouldn't be WoP without you Ver! <3

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson great article, and Ver, you're very important to the site!!! *hearts*

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett Ver loveee love!♥

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Ver ♥

Henrietta Nagy

Henrietta Nagy ♥♥♥

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich When you manage about 30% of active users, I must say that you're doing good and important work!

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren <3 Vert

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