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Craig's Muggley Things

Hello again, my fellow wizards and witches and welcome to this week's edition of Craig's Muggley Things. With, of course, your favourite barefoot rolling Cookie Fairy, me :D
This week:

Video Games


Last week we looked at Game Consoles, but what are they mostly used for? Why video games of course.

video-games-agression_md.jpgA picture of what a game controller may look like. The design varies depending on the console you're playing on. This one is a Playstation 4 controller.

Video games are a type of game where you use a game controller to control a character on a screen such as a television or a monitor. There are millions and millions of video games and genres. Depending on the game you play by yourself through a story mode, with other people through a cooperative and competitive mode or even both. Also depending on the game you view your character and can control a camera that you rotate round them (known as third person view) or 'through the eyes' of your character (known as first person view).

Switch_SMO_ND0913_SCRN07_copy.0.jpgExample of what a video game may look like. The graphical style can vary depending on old the game is but also on what kind of game it is. This picture is from a very popular game known as Mario.

So what do you all think of these video games that muggles play. Is this is another reason why the wizarding world should have these game consoles? Or do you think we should stick to our own magic games? Let me know in the comments.

Til next time folks :D



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Cassiopea Malfoy

Cassiopea Malfoy We need things like this. XD

Jean Kettleburn

Jean Kettleburn O.O noice..

Amy Fischer

Amy Fischer Just imagine a wizarding world gaming system

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich We need to learn more about muggles. :D

Tranquility Etrioli

Tranquility Etrioli Cool! I’m very excited to see a ‘video game’!

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