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- From : Althea Cahalan

WoP Gossip Guy Update!

That's right love is in the air with the inter-house connections and I'm here to break it to you first ;) Or second...depends who you know.
With the break up of ships Benelynn and Arvaniper, for mere muggles that is code for Benedict Ashloft & Evelynn Roseleigh (couple one) - both slytherins - boring!!, and Wren Juniper & James Arvandor (ravenclaw meets gryffindor) - cool. Now those couples have both sunk! However it seems the four have eyes on other prizes....
Our gryffindor chap James Arvandor has been seen with the feisty Camilla Beaumont (yes another Beaumont) from Slytherin, is this a friendly affair or will he finally find his heart (don't look Wren- he's not worth it).

Meanwhile our ravenclaw girly Wren Juniper father has become matchmaker, fixing the poor lass up on not one blind date but three! Mr Juniper has carefully selected the following for Wren to choose from:
Gryffindor Cade Brooks, perhaps a little young but stay tuned..
Gryffindor Alessio Corvere, correct age but is Alessio a little of a player?
Slytherin Alexander Crawford, another notorious flirt.
Perhaps our Wren is better off staying single, but only time will tell. Who would you pair her up with?

The Benelynn couple have also been browsing other ships it seems, Benedict Ashloft has been rumoured to be connected with ravenclaw Vanessa Wraith, and apparently they are officially dating, however a little owl landed in my lap to say that Benedict is still surfing the slytherin common room for alternatives...*cough* Lolle Dale *cough*. However I'm not one to gossip about same house ships.

I'm also not one to right gossip about myself, so I won't be telling you about a certain date that Evelynn Roseleigh has been on. Moving on...
Another interhouse relationship that isn't quite old news, but it's also not brand new either is between former Ravenclaw student Diaval Vaughn and Slytherin Saffie Leabrook, this pair have taunted us with friendship for what feels like forever, but they are now officially dating. I couldn't be happier! Could you?

It's not all love out there if you know something, drop me an owl - isaac holland :)
You might even be rewarded for your time.

Until next time,
xoxo Zak
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Taylor Wolfnight

Taylor Wolfnight oh who knew that so many people are having affiars

Amelia Pine

Amelia Pine yeeeeeeeet ilysm

Elayna George

Elayna George Tehe what a fun read! Thankgoodness I'm too young for boys... *blink* *blink*

Imogen Knightley

Imogen Knightley Ohhh love all the gossip! :D

Lucy Lee

Lucy Lee omg Zak don't gossip about yourself pls

Lolle Dale

Lolle Dale Ewwwww or something XD

Florence Chang

Florence Chang Wow ok

Saffie Leabrook

Saffie Leabrook *sprints towards gossip* ooooo hihi it's me :3 love it again Zak!

Jean Kettleburn

Jean Kettleburn O.O What a shocker! I'd pair the lady with the only eligible candidate- me ofc!

Azrael Branwen

Azrael Branwen Damn, all the tea. Keep it coming mate

Lara Campbell

Lara Campbell That picture is love :o

Stella Beaumont

Stella Beaumont Ooooohohoohoh

Lara Ilijasich

Lara Ilijasich Niceee article :D

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