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- From : Althea Cahalan

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Taylor Allerton

Taylor Allerton oh who knew that so many people are having affiars

Amelia Pine

Amelia Pine yeeeeeeeet ilysm

Elayna George

Elayna George Tehe what a fun read! Thankgoodness I'm too young for boys... *blink* *blink*

Imogen Knightley

Imogen Knightley Ohhh love all the gossip! :D

Lucy Lee

Lucy Lee omg Zak don't gossip about yourself pls

Lolle Fletcher

Lolle Fletcher Ewwwww or something XD

Florence Chang

Florence Chang Wow ok

Saffie Leabrook

Saffie Leabrook *sprints towards gossip* ooooo hihi it's me :3 love it again Zak!

Jean Kettleburn

Jean Kettleburn O.O What a shocker! I'd pair the lady with the only eligible candidate- me ofc!

Azrael Branwen

Azrael Branwen Damn, all the tea. Keep it coming mate

Lara Campbell

Lara Campbell That picture is love :o

Stella Beaumont

Stella Beaumont Ooooohohoohoh

Lara Ilijasich

Lara Ilijasich Niceee article :D

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