The Plot-Team
We all recognize them in their beautiful flamingo color and their hard work making World of Potter a more fun and exciting place to be! If you continue reading you`ll learn how the plot team work and what they`re really trying to achieve with the plots, so keep on reading to be amazed!

- From : Sunny Gem

Do you like parties? Do you like big events you can enjoy with your friends? Gatherings where people from all houses meet - students and teachers alike? Then you probably also like the great posts our Plot-Team puts out there!


But what exactly is the “Plot-Team” you might ask yourself right now. Or maybe you wonder how they work out the events for World of Potter. Those and more questions I will answer in the following article!



For the Users the Plots are a way to develop their characters. How did they handle the situation and how did they feel? Those posts can really help creating depth into who they are as a character. That, combined with the opportunity to meet wonderful new people, or getting to know your friends even better, is why Plots are so important for World of Potter! But do you know what kind of hard work goes into a big post like that?


The Plot-Team is a team that comes up with ideas for big posts, where everyone can take part in. It is a very creative job where you get together with other people that are just as creative as you are. You juggle around with the ideas the team comes up with, combining them, changing them and working together until everyone is happy with the result.


You might recall this big Plot that was hosted by the Plot Team. At first we were all very excited about the Winter Ball, everyone was looking for a date, ready to dress up – but what’s that?! The House Cup had been stolen? OH NO! Everyone worked together to solve riddles and get the cup back just in time for the Party! In the end we had a wonderful celebration of the love-month, even though some of us might have already missed the exciting adventure that led us there.



I sat down to a big Butterbeer with some of the members of the Plot team, to ask them what they loved about their work. “Working together”, the three said at the same time – it was clear to see that they knew each other very well from their time spent together. But other things came up as well, one member told me that she loved how welcoming and encouraging everyone was. Others loved how everyone listens to the idea oneself had that morning in the shower and that no matter how crazy the idea might be at first glance, the feedback is always constructive and nice.


Even if you think that an idea is not very good, you should never make fun of someone because of this and bashing the idea with a simple “no” is also not a nice thing to do. The right way to tell someone, what you are thinking is always by pointing out the good parts in their ideas first, after that you can state some concerns, maybe bring up own ideas that go along with it and encouraging the other person to keep on working hard. This is not just a skill you need at the Plot Team, it is something you should keep in mind for your real life as well, and working with the team might help you improve it!


I was told that another very important quality, that is highly valued in the team, is the love for detail. Everything needs to be planned out, so that there won’t be any bad surprises when the Plot takes place! And looking back at the plot, I mentioned before, I think you can really see all the love for detail that went in there!



I am already very excited for the next plot that is coming - and the next and the next - and I’m sure that the team will do a fantastic job with it!


Written by, 

Mira Jones

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Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Love the post and the dancing Dumbledore meme :D

Olympia Burns

Olympia Burns Lovely blog post! :D

Sylvia Rao

Sylvia Rao :D Go plot team! you guys make amazing plots! That sounds kinda evil...

Giovanni Giglione

Giovanni Giglione Yayyyyy plot team :D

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith Very good job!! :D

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière Beautiful work!

Amanda Granger

Amanda Granger Excellent work, Mira! Keep it up <3

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