Anniversary Backstory Spotlight

- From : Sebastian Hawthorne


Today is all about the backstory team - my absolutely incredibly lovely and talented team. You all know that we on the backstory team love to read you guys' backstories, so for the anniversary we have decided to gather four of the very best backstories we have read here on World of Potter, one for each house. While we only had room to show you four, there are so many more excellent backstories to read around the site, so we highly recommend you to stalk your fellow WoP'ers and get a good read! It's incredible to read about your characters and how they have developed through your backstories. Backstories come in all shapes, forms and codes, so we have chosen to display only a snippet of each of the four backstories - a snippet of each, which should spark your interest and make you want to read on! A link to their profile will be below each snippet, so you can easily go stalk them!

Thank you all for the last two years. Time has flown by and we on the backstory team have loved every bit of it. We look forward to remain the number one stalkers on World of Potter - and to stalk YOU!

Happy stalking!
Much love from Miles on behalf of the Backstory Team.


According to Stella, Adrian, older by 7 years, was the perfect big brother. When they were small, he would always cheer her up if she was feeling sad and she knew that no matter what, he would always be by her side. But then Adrian's Hogwarts-letter arrived, and Stella realised that her brother no longer would be in the room next to hers all the time. At first she was crushed by this fact, but when she saw how excited her brother was, she tried not to let it show. As the whole family stood on platform 9 3/4, saying goodbye to her brother, Stella tried her best to act cheerful. When the train started moving, Adrian stuck his head out of a window and yelled that he would send an owl to her every week. And he kept his promise, telling her everything about the castle and all it's maze-like corridors and disappearing steps in the stairs. He wrote about his first encounter with the ghosts in the school and how he broke his arm falling off the broom in Flying class, before getting it fixed in the Hospital Wing. Stella slowly started to come to terms with living without her brother next to her thanks to the letters, and she soon began to long for the day when she too could go to Hogwarts.

- Stella Summers


The sound of a hand striking the wooden surface of the heavy, expensive, intricately carved desk within the study made Saffie jump, just barely, the sound of her surprise masked by the stream of words uttered from her grandfather as he cursed out someone named ‘Vaskev’. Never in her life had Saffie heard that name, but she could tell just by Willem’s tone that it was nothing good, and the content of his words soon confirmed that. From what she could gather, this Vaskev was trying to chase up money -- payment -- that her grandfather was outright refusing to pay.

- Saffie Leabrook


Making her way over to the money box which lay upon her window, Eviee took the small envelope on the side of the window too, her mother had written on the envelope to take it when she was going to Gringotts for the first time without her mother there. Under no circumstances should this letter fall into the hands of her father. She picked up the money box, emptying out the contents of the inside and shoving it into her pockets before making her way back downstairs. Inside the lounge, Eviee saw Charlotte looking at photos, one she must have seen is the young Eviee, Eviee's mother and Charlotte at a park one day, that day was very vivid in her mind. It was one of the most fun days in her life and one which fuelled many a happy memory. The Head of Hufflepuff quickly noticed the young witch and smiled sadly, no words needed to be said at that moment, the silence which filled the room was of understanding and remembrance. Knowing what was next, Charlotte walked out the room with the young witch in tow, stepping out of the house, Charlotte just glanced at Eviee before locking the door with a small flick of her wand. That simple act of magic had brought a smile to the face of the young witch, before grabbing the arm of Charlotte with a firm nod they were off. Not many would ever need to be said between them to understand what the other had meant, something which Eviee was extremely proud of.

- Eviee Elexy


Madagascar - It had plenty of animals she had never seen yet. Though they weren’t magical, it was magical to her. There were a lot of adorable species. Except for the Aye-aye, as it scared her not even having been in the country for two hours. Honestly she was quite lucky as the species are threatened by habitat loss and hunting. In the areas Gray stayed at people believed they were bad luck and kill the animal whenever they encounter it. She helped preserve threatened species during her time here.

- Gray Luff

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Saffie Leabrook

Saffie Leabrook Ahhh thank you for the spotlight BS teammmmm :D ♡♡♡And all the others were absolutely amazing! ♡ definitely gonna go stalk eheh

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Nice work! :D

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Amazingly written, guys! Go backstory team! :D

Jean Kettleburn

Jean Kettleburn Oh woooow *o*

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière WOOHOOOOOO! Everyone are so talented writers!

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Congrats to the highligheted students :D Well deserved and you all show talents <3 Muchos love <3

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