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Craig's Muggley Things

Hello again all my fellow wizards and witches and welcome to this week's edition of Craig's Muggley Things. With, of course, your favourite barefoot rolling Cookie Fairy, me :D This week:



What are these strange looking metal contraptions? Well my fellow witches and wizards, muggles use them as mode of transportation (like how we use our brooms and carriages) by using them to 'drive' on the ground.

pexels-photo-195632.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&h=350What the inside of a car may look like from the driver and front passenger seat

A car is usually operated with a slot that you put a key in (known as an ignition), a steering wheel, some pedals and a gearstick. They can seat 1 driver and 4-7 passengers. The number of passengers can vary depending on the make and model.

mot-inspection-areas.pngThe many parts of what a standard car may have.

There are are 3 main sections of a car: the 'hood' or 'bonnet' at the front which houses the engine and various other components that make the car work, the seating area in the middle for the driver and passengers, and the 'boot' or 'trunk' at the back which can be used for item storage.

So my fellow readers, what you think of these cars that muggles use to get around? Reckon the ministry should invest in magic powered ones?

Til next time folks :D



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Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls muggles what horny people! great article! curious i say

Craig Baxter

Craig Baxter Thanks :D

Cassiopea Malfoy

Cassiopea Malfoy Wow, this is interesting.Keep up good work.

Iyla Lovegood

Iyla Lovegood Great Job <3

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett Hmmm interesting... might invest in one of these. Great blog Cookie Fairy ;)

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