Guide to good topics
Do you want to make fantastic topics, and participate in many? That was the same thing, I was thinking a few weeks back. It isn’t as hard as it sounds. But don’t worry, I’ll be here to guide you on how to do a fabulous topic. The only thing you must do, is to read this article – and get a user on World of Potter. Topics is, after my opinion, one of the smartest inventions – and I love to participate in them! If you do too, then read this!

- From : Harper Collins

Write it by the rules

Make a decent topic – it isn’t fun when a Prefect must come and remind you on how to make a proper topic. Make sure you check it through for grammar mistakes. And hey, follow the rules, alright? I would love to be able to lift a horse, or know what spell my enemy would cast, but always remember to do a topic realistic. It isn’t fun to do a topic with someone who can do everything – even though it would be fun to be the one doing everything! Make sure it’s in third person past narrative.


Ask persons!

Do you have trouble with people not wanting to participate in your topics? Don’t worry, I have a solution! The only thing you need is a user on World of Potter. Look through profiles – there are often character descriptions – and find the one you want to make a topic with. Send them an owl, and ask them if they want a topic with you – they can hardly resist! I mean, look at you! You've read this guide, what could go wrong?

Second, make sure to arrange the topic and make an interesting plot. Will you visit the library at night? Are you gonna tease another person? Be creative – we don’t want to study all time in topics! Even though you sometimes must in real life.


Things the topic could be about:

- Small talk in The Three Broomsticks Inn. It is a nice place where most wizards visit, so why don’t you and a friend make a topic, get something to drink and have a small-talk?

- Are you up for adventure? And have you been wondering what Hogwarts looks like when everybody is sleeping? Go on and look with your friend – be sure not to get caught by a prefect. Or you could get a prefect to look for you and you would have to run from them – that could be fun too!

- Study date! Do you hate studying alone, because it’s boring? Ask a friend to study with you – and maybe it will just end up in small talk, who knows? Even though homework is important, it's even more important to have fun... right?

- Do a topic in a lesson – you and some others could be a group trying a spell, or maybe you have to get some work done?

- If you are graduated from Hogwarts, go explore the world with a friend now when ‘The world outside’-forum is there. Visit exciting cities, or have a picnic out in the wild!

- Train some quidditch! Even though your character isn’t on the quidditch team, another person could learn your character to play. Nobody really despise playing quidditch – and it’s a must to see 1 quidditch game in a life time!


Add some extra details and humor!

Sometimes it just isn’t fun to participate in topics with 4 lines, and no details at all. Make sure to add some! Don’t just write: “There was a house.”

Add a lot of adjectives! “There was a ramshackle old house, where the roof looked like a big haystack.” Then you can picture it more precisely in your head. If you want your topic to be more interesting, add some humour. A sarcastic comment, a funny detail or such a thing.


That was it. I hope you can use this guide to do dashing topics, if not – I’m sure the prefects can help a bit!


See you soon!

- Arya Flores

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