How Harry Potter Changed Our Lives
A couple of weeks ago, we reached the twenty year anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's publication. In honour of this wonderful series, we asked you at WoP to share the highlights of your time as Potterheads.

- From : Aurora Everston

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Heather Roseblade

Heather Roseblade Lovely article!

Skyler Goldfinch

Skyler Goldfinch I love this article! Good job! :) <3

April Thorne

April Thorne Great job! <3

Merilyn Hunt

Merilyn Hunt I love this so much!

Wulfric Blackwood

Wulfric Blackwood Fantastic! :D

Lexie Clearwater

Lexie Clearwater Oh Robin... meeting you was one of mine x

Robin Duncan

Robin Duncan I just couldn't think of my highlights as potterhead, cuz all those pottermoments are highlights

Erin Wilby

Erin Wilby Love it!

Dars Victor


Archie Everston

Archie Everston Great Job Sis <3 :)

Ariabelle Blackwolf

Ariabelle Blackwolf Love it!

Amy Nightstar

Amy Nightstar Great Job Aurora! My beautiful Boysenberry working hard *hearts*

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