Theory Thursday
Ever wondered what brought the three amazing heroes of our beloved books together? Ron, Hermoine and Harry- the three magical musketeers on their journey to friendship. But I've got a theory about how the trio truly came together, and it's a theory you can use yourself!

- From : Chloe Lovegood

At the beginning of a new schoolyear there are always anxious faces.

Students who don’t know where they will be sorted in. Some because their family had raised expectations, others because of legends and rumours and some, because they feel inadequate and don’t think they’d fit anywhere.

We all know the four houses and the things our sorting hat looks for.

Gryffindor: bravery, chivalry, courage

Hufflepuf: loyalty, hard workers, kind

Ravenclaw: intelligence

Slytherin: ambitious, cunning

But there are other things that are taken into account. As no person is identical and there are people that don’t fit the bill.

Today I will share you my thoughts on the ceremony. As I’ve come to discover there are some things amiss with some of the sortings from the past.

Take your timeturners and head back to 1991. The sorting ceremony of most of the legends that rule our world today. One trio we all know are all housed at Gryffindor.  But when I look at them, there is something not adding up.

Ron Weasley might be the first Weasly that actually is scared of all sorts of things. He doesn’t look brave or courageous as a young lion cub. He is kind, loyal and well he loves food. I know, I know. We don’t say it, but all think it. Badgers love to eat. Why else would their house be near the kitchen?

And everyone knows Hermione Granger has read most first year books even before riding the Hogwarts express. She makes the intelligence of most Ravenclaw students mediocre compared to her knowledge.

Harry Potter has shared the sorting hat spoke to him, wanting him to go on a path to greatness. Harry sure is ambitious and has snake traits, but he is a lion too.

So how did the trio end up together? Well my theory is they knew where they wanted to go. Especially Ron and Harry. Ron didn’t want to feel left out and Harry thought Slytherin was a bad choice (being told so by others) and Hermione probably just wants to fit in no more than any other 11 year old girl in a new place.

So tell your friends, siblings, cousing etc. If you really REALLY want something. Test this theory and just ask!


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