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Geek Gear has a special Harry Potter themed edition of their monthly subscription box, now called World of Wizardry! When you sign up, let them know which house you’re in, and they’ll take care of the rest, delivering a box of magical items to you every month! I was a bit late with this months review, but I´ll be better next time. So spoiler alert, if you are subscribed to the box!

- From : Harper Collins




Exclusive Owl Figure:

This is the box first ever exclusive figure! They have previously had socks, arts and other smaller thing exclusive, but I really like that they have started with figures now and I hope that is something GeekGear will continue with.

This month it was possible to get one of three different owls and some were more rare than others. From the most limited to most “common” colours you could get gold came first, silver second and a white owl was the most common one. My owl was silver, but if I could chose I would want the white one, as it looks A LOT like Hedwig.


4/6 scars - A good idea that I think will be very popular amongst the subscribers, but the plastic feels kind of cheap.





Metal House Colour Coaster Set In Metal Tin:

This coaster set is perfect! Each house is represented and the metal tin helps me to keep track of my set. This is definitely something I see myself starting to collect! Collecting coasters from different fandoms, hmm… that`s quite different, I like it! I guess I can make the excuse that they are functional to my dad, as a reason to keep buying!


5,5/6 scars - A wonderful and functional thing to use in your home, and I love that all the houses are represent..





Owl Art Print: 

Each month GeekGear has some kind of art/poster you can frame in or hang on your wall, this month it was a beautiful art piece of Hedwig looking magical flying high over a snow-covered Hogwarts. Posters can never go wrong, so I really like this item!


6/6 scars - A beautiful piece of art, that will hang proudly on my wall.



House Colour T-Shirt:

I love how the colours pop off this basic black shirt and give it a bit of texture and depth. I’m a Slytherin and I love how the Slytherin snake looks. Even Hufflepuff looks a bit intimidating on this picture, I don`t wear a lot of Harry potter related clothing except for when I´m home, but maybe this will be an exception? GeekGear let's you decide the size you want your T-Shirt to be, which is great, as you get one each month!


5/6 scars - Beautiful T-Shirt, but some of the house animals look a bit odd in my opinion.



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Keychain (licensed by Pyramid International):

This keychain made of rubber is great! It's exactly how a keychain should be in my opinion; a good size, not to crazy colour and good quality. I can definitely see myself using this one. GeekGear often put key chains in their boxes, but this one is my favourite one so far.


5.5/6 scars- A wonderful keychain, though the back of it was a bit worn out, but that's they only negative thing I have to say about it.



Harry Potter Hogwarts House Pin Badge and Dobby Pin Badge:

I’m not sure which pin puts a bigger smile on my face. Dobby is my favourite big-hearted character but there is no better house than Slytherin. These pins are of wonderful quality and will fit perfectly on a bag or piece of clothing! You will get a different pin depending which House you chose.


6/6 scars - Super cute pins, that can not go wrong.



Wand Necklace:


It’s simple and yet such a potterhead piece. It screams Harry Potter to fans, but to other people it might just look like a cool accessory. It's quite heavy, but then again it has amazing quality. I think it`s meant to represent Dumbledore`s wand, so if you wear the necklace you`ll always hold him close to your heart


5/6 scars - A beautiful necklace, but it is a bit heavy and big.



World of Wizardry Sticker Pack:

This picture does nothing to showcase how adorable these stickers are and the quality of them. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hedwig looks so cute, and I might or might not already have placed two of them proudly on my laptop.


6/6 scars- I love these stickers, they are just too cute for their own good.


I really liked this box! And the complete box it`s self will get 5/6 scars.

Let me know if you liked this kind of blog post and we`ll make sure to keep making them *wink* 


Hugs and kisses,

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Lexie Clearwater

Lexie Clearwater I got a wand necklace too for christmas last year... they're pretty, but not really for everyday use. nice review, can't wait to see the next unboxing

Banned User

Banned User Wow great post. Peaked my interest. <3

Araya Fietta

Araya Fietta That's amazing! I wish I could get a subscription too . . .

Gray Luff

Gray Luff That's adorable!

Aglaya Svantovitova

Aglaya Svantovitova Great post, Sunny! You've got me interested in this!<3

Banned User

Banned User Good job! Thank you

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Cool stuff :)

Giovanni Giglione

Giovanni Giglione Nice job, congrats

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