GeekGearBox Review
Geek Gear has a special Harry Potter themed edition of their monthly subscription box, now called World of Wizardry! When you sign up, let them know which house you’re in, and they’ll take care of the rest, delivering a box of magical items to you every month! I was a bit late with this months review, but I´ll be better next time. So spoiler alert, if you are subscribed to the box!

- From : Harper Collins

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Lexie Clearwater

Lexie Clearwater I got a wand necklace too for christmas last year... they're pretty, but not really for everyday use. nice review, can't wait to see the next unboxing

Banned User

Banned User Wow great post. Peaked my interest. <3

Araya Fietta

Araya Fietta That's amazing! I wish I could get a subscription too . . .

Gray Luff

Gray Luff That's adorable!

Aglaya Svantovitova

Aglaya Svantovitova Great post, Sunny! You've got me interested in this!<3

Banned User

Banned User Good job! Thank you

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Cool stuff :)

Giovanni Giglione

Giovanni Giglione Nice job, congrats

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